Boston Legal: Preview of "Happy Trails"
Boston Legal: Preview of "Happy Trails"
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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The last episode of Boston Legal opened with Carl Sack, Shirley and Alan staring intently at Denny's eyeball.  So he went to Shirley for medical advice.  Meanwhile, some have commented how it had come to that: the four top lawyers of a top law firm all lounging around and doing nothing, when someone who looked like a poor person came in.  Also, it was weird, according to some, how Bill Shatner assured James Spader that him losing an Emmy had nothing to do with “being the star of the show.”  It sure broke the proverbial fourth wall.

Tonight on Boston Public, Alan Shore and Denny Crane take a break from all the lawyering and go to a Dude Ranch in Utah.  However, they would soon find out that they have very little in common and find themselves at odds with some of their fellow enthusiasts in the ranch.  Fortunately or not, Melvin Palmer happens to be at the same ranch so they call on him despite finding him irritating.  Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt has to defend someone who unintentionally blows up her doctor when she set his office on fire for prescribing potentially fatal medication.

In related Boston Legal news, one of the nation's leading dealers of premium cowboy apparel and equipment recently announced that it will be outfitting the Boston Legal cast who will be heading off to Utah.  Cowboy Outfitters President John Adams said, "We are obviously very pleased that ABC and Boston Legal have chosen to wear our clothing on the highly rated show."

“The design of many of our cowboy clothes and western apparel and equipment is based on actual items used and worn by the cowboys of the Old West,” he added.

Catch “Happy Trails” tonight at 10pm on ABC.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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