Will 'Bones' End After Season 8? Scary Twitter Warnings from David Boreanaz
Will 'Bones' End After Season 8? Scary Twitter Warnings from David Boreanaz
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Ah, Twitter... How did we ever start rumors before you existed? Because now we can throw fans into a state of frenzy with 140 characters or less! This is exactly what Bones star David Boreanaz has been doing. Do his tweets mean the end of Bones is coming?

Not necessarily. But it's fun to speculate!

The tweets in question are three related comments that began to appear on the actor's Twitter feed on Wednesday, June 13. All of them indicate that David Boreanaz is at least considering the possibility of ending Bones in the near future.

The tweet that started it all was a San Diego Comic-Con reference that was mostly cheerful enough...

"SDCC 2012 shld be a blast and quite possibly the last for #Bones ? Farewell tour? Look forward to seeing everyone there."

So, good news for Comic-Con but possibly bad news for Bones?

Boreanaz tweeted again some hours later to "clarify" his statement:

"Let's put this in sports terms. I'm a free agent after this season. So the Bones fair well tour is in full-swing."

This seems to mean either that it all ends after Bones season 8 -- leaving David Boreanaz free to find other roles -- or else the actor's contract expires, giving him the freedom to renegotiate or leave. Or maybe something else.

A final follow-up tweet continued to not help:

"You must always keep your options open and ready for New challenges. The fear is the unknown and that's exciting."

Exciting? Maybe. Infuriating and terrifying to Bones fans? Definitely.

Considering that only network heads get to make the kind of preemptive cancelation decisions referred to in David Boreanaz's Twitter feed, we probably don't have to sound the death knell yet. There is definitely a chance that Bones season 8 could be the show's last, but it's far from certain.

Still, you might want to catch this year's Bones panel at Comic-Con...

What do you make of these tweets? Is Bones season 8 going to be the last? Should it be the last? Leave your comments below!

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