[Videos] 'Bones' Preview: Get the Lowdown on Brennan and Booth's Wedding Day
[Videos] 'Bones' Preview: Get the Lowdown on Brennan and Booth's Wedding Day
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Ahhhhh, the big day on Bones is finally here, and we can barely contain our excitement! It's taken nine seasons -- close to a decade -- for the moment that will come up on Monday's episode titled "The Woman in White." 

At one point in the series, viewers weren't even sure if Brennan and Booth would even get together, let alone get to a point in their relationship where they'd get married. I mean, what took the show so long?! But we're so excited that we'll witness them walking down the aisle. 

So enough of the chitchat -- let's get right down to what to expect. Here are four videos and a host of other info to whet the appetite.

If you want to be completely surprised, we suggest you get out of this article now. You've been warned!

The Big Day

First, the official trailer:

- The wedding party: Parker as the best man, Clemons as the officiant, Angela as the maid, err, matron of honor.

-Max walks Brennan down the aisle! 

- Then Brennan interjects with a typical Brennan line.

- One question: Who is their wedding planner? Because this is the quickest wedding ever, but it definitely seems elaborate with a lot of planning involved.

Rings. Kiss. Vows. Hitched!

The trailer officially lets us know the ceremony takes place, but the next clip shows how the latest murder almost derailed their plans. 

- For two people who are getting married, they sure are calm. And Brennan is confident in their abilities to solve the case. After all, the wedding isn't until the next day. Plenty of time.

- The rest of the gang, however, aren't so confident. C'mon, Hodgins and Sweets. You don't give Brennan and Booth, and more importantly, yourselves, enough credit!

Putting on a Front

Check out this next scene, where the Squinterns are gathered at the lab. 

- Brennan in curlers and flip flops. One more time for emphasis: Brennan in curlers and flip flops.

- Brennan is overly worried with the case while Cam just doesn't want her to worry. I mean, look, all the Squinterns are there helping out.

- Then we see they were forced to be there -- just 10 minutes they were told -- to act like everything is under control and they're close to cracking the case.

Ready for Years

In the next preview clip, familiar faces gather at the venue as Booth waits for the ceremony to start.

- How amazing is Caroline's hat?

- The moment between Arastoo and Cam is super sweet even though he was shocked when it was insinuated that Cam would want to get married.

- Who went to the nearest grocery store and bought a gift basket like that?

- Hodgins, Daisy and the Squinterns. I can't even. This is a wedding!

- Will we hear Parker speak? Will we see Christine?

- Booth seems rather grateful to Sweets about something. I wonder if it has something to do with the case that made them all not miss the wedding.

More Teasers

We had the opportunity to watch behind-the-scenes interviews with Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz that tell us more about the episode.

- Deschanel's husband, David Hornsby, is the priest so she said it was weird kissing her TV husband in front of her real husband. But we see that Clemons is the officiant so what will become of his character, Father Harrow?

- Boreanaz said everything that could go wrong with the wedding, will go wrong. And not just trying to solve the case. He cited getting relatives in, where they're staying, if everyone can even make it -- even the wedding happening? Well, we know that part isn't true. They are getting married. He teases that the final frame of the episode will be the big moment.

- Deschanel said all the Squinterns should be there except Abernathy. "He did not RSVP," is what she said with a laugh.

- Boreanaz said it's great to give to the fans what they've wanted for such a long time. Aww, thanks! 

- More surprises are in store for the newlywed couple, he added. We really can't wait.

Bones airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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