'Bones' Videos: Take a Sneak Peek at 'The Crack in the Code'
'Bones' Videos: Take a Sneak Peek at 'The Crack in the Code'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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There's only one more Bones episode left until the show goes on hiatus. This week's "The Crack in the Code" at least aims to give us an impressive send-off for the series. Will it be enough to carry us through to the distant time when we'll get new episodes? If these video clips from the episode are anything to judge by, we may just survive.

The two major themes of "The Crack in the Code" are reported to be the appearance of a new serial killer -- an enemy meant to significantly alter the course of the season -- and the search for a place that Booth and Brennan (and baby!) can call home. The videos released by FOX definitely reflect those themes.

In the first video, Booth and Brennan do their drive-and-talk thing while discussing living arrangements.

While I'm not entirely sure what an "anthropologist cave" would look like (skeletons? rare artifacts?), that does sound like an excellent and hard-to-find house. Spoilers indicate that the couple may actually find this place before the end of the episode, however. It is a buyer's market, after all.

One question -- if Brennan is not due for another six weeks, when exactly will we get the birth episode?

The second video takes place at the crime scene of the week.

  • Why exactly does Hodgins looks so shocked to see Brennan and Booth?
  • Will they tell us in the episode which museum/monument that is? Or is it one of those not-real Washington landmarks that Bones likes so much (like, say, the Jeffersonian)?
  • You have to be pretty dedicated to your psychosis to paint a message in blood at the top of a presidential statue. I'm just saying...
  • Reordering vertebrae in a reconstructed spinal column seems like an odd thing to do, even for a serial killer.

The final video takes us to the Royal Diner, where Booth and Brennan are sharing a meal with Sweets.

It sounds like the blood (the blood used to paint the words?) is oddly from someone -- or several someones -- still alive. In other news, it's cute how Sweets is shocked that Brennan would listen to him.

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What sort of message could a killer send with vertebrae? Will Booth and Brennan find a place to live? Or will they just end up back at her place? How will you pass the time until Bones season 7 resumes later this spring? Leave your comments below!

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