'Bones' Teasers: 9 Reasons 'The Baker in the Bits' Will Gross You Out
'Bones' Teasers: 9 Reasons 'The Baker in the Bits' Will Gross You Out
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
"The Baker in the Bits" is possibly the most psychologically gruesome Bones episode of season 10 to date. We're two episodes into the final stretch of a 12-episode back half of the Bones season and things are heating up considerably for several of our key players.

Some of the long promised angst arrives during a case as creepy as "The Pain in the Heart" which brings Booth back to a part of his past for which forgetting is no longer an option. Despite the light-hearted locale of a successful bakery with an uplifting philosophy and an inspirational leader, "The Baker in the Bits" is a foreboding foreshadowing of what we may have coming for the rest of the Bones season. Without further ado, take a good look at some cryptic teases we have for you about "The Baker in the Bits."

#1 Ali Khamenei Is No Competition For Brennan

Booth says negotiations in a politically volatile foreign environment are nothing compared to going head to head with Brennan. This is good training for tough times ahead for all those who are blessed with her tutelage. Someone's learning is about to be tested.

#2 Fifty Shades of Naughtiness

A main character tries repeatedly to discuss an affinity for bondage with a partner who does not want to have the conversation at all. Not even a counter-offer can derail the line of discussion ... until the case gets in the way.

#3 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was Charming in Comparison

Okay, that header statement may be a bit hyperbolic, but the opening scene of "The Baker in the Bits" is the most slashery Bones prelude we've seen in a really long time ... and things continue to go downhill (uphill?) from there. By the time you get to the very end, you'll have an idea of what a Bones episode collaboration between Thomas Harris (The Silence of the Lambs) and Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Murder) would be like. Yeesh and yikes and cree-pay. 

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#4 Cancer Revisits the Bones Family with Devastating Results

A central figure faces the ravages of a tragic disease and must make an impulsive relationship-threatening choice whose devastating consequences will rock everyone on the team.

#5 Move Over Gormogon, Gravedigger and Pelant

A new serial killer reminiscent of the Gormogon is introduced and he's even creepier than the Anthropophagist with a mouth full of incisors. Oh, and his souvenirs? They made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. Twice. Seriously. So much for my Tungsten carbide gastrointestinal system. And it's gonna be a long time till I hang any of my clothes out on the line folks. Tell me later if you agree.

#6 A New Minor Character Is Introduced, Bringing Back Memories

A new minor character reminds me of how much I enjoy Tony Shalhoub. I may be showing my age by saying this, but this guy has aged incredibly well. If IMDB is to be trusted, this character will be back in the Bones Universe several times before the finale ... but again, that's only if Internet Movie Database can be trusted. If it can, then it begs the question ... is there much more to this "Baker" case than meets the eye?

bones-baker-bits-booth-brennan.jpg#7 Marital Tension at Casa de Booth

Booth's life experience and Brennan's pragmatism cause some tension between them. Fortunately, they take it in stride so nothing gets thrown and no one gets slapped. By the end of the episode one partner has to admit the other was right in their point of view and the one who was right wishes they hadn't been. 

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#8 Mother Brennan Gives a Loved-One A Kick in the Pants

Brennan hits someone right between the eyes, but it desperately needed to be done. Some viewers may think she goes a little overboard, but I would not be among them. If you don't listen closely, you may miss the meaning behind her most poignant comment, which unveils the most significant lie being perpetuated by her target. So, pay attention to the details, people.

#9 Everybody Loves Pie

Booth introduced Brennan to the joy of a little flour, sugar and water needed together a long time ago. He's even gotten her to appreciate some good old cooked fruit filling. Since the case is set in a bakery, there are a couple little Easter Eggs tossed in the mix for those most studied in Bones lore, but this is first and foremost a murder mystery, so pastries aren't the only things that get baked in this episode. #BoothLovesPie 

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Bones fans, I've probably already said too much, per usual. Take your time watching the episode when it airs, then come back and review these cryptic teases. They may make you look even more closely at things you missed in the episode.

Bones airs Thursdays at 8pm on FOX.

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