'Bones' Spoilers: What's Coming in 'The Hole in the Heart'?
'Bones' Spoilers: What's Coming in 'The Hole in the Heart'?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Two more episodes. After that, season 6 of Bones will be over. Angela will have her baby. Somebody will be shot. Brennan and Booth might finally get together. All in just two more episodes.

They can't come soon enough.

Alas, we will have to wait. For those of us who can't wait, however, there are spoilers. Thanks to a report from TVLine giving the scoop from the Bones panel at the Paley Center for Media, there are many spoilers to be had.

First things first, here's the promo for the upcoming episode, "The Hole in the Heart," in all its crazy glory:

What do those brief seconds actually mean? The TVLine spoilers give some hints.

The Good
It doesn't sound like "The Hole in the Heart" gives explicit confirmation, but TVLine indicates that a Booth-Brennan hookup is a definite possibility this week.

Did they really? And what will that mean? The clever folk at Bones have left that for the season finale. We'll have to watch "The Change in the Game" to find out exactly how much change, and in which game.

The Bad
It looks like someone is going to die.

We're not talking about some insignificant guest star or deserving evil-doer either. Nope, it's going to be someone important and someone we will miss.

I can't say for sure who it will be, but the victim is not:
  • Booth
  • Brennan
  • Angela
  • Hodgins
  • Guest-star Tina Majorino (the TVLine article gave that away by begging for her return next season)
The remaining victim possibilities include:
  • Cam
  • Sweets
  • Mr. Nigel-Murray
Since there have been no rumors about regular characters disappearing in season 7, I'm going to assume that Mr. Nigel-Murray is the one to take a bullet. The victim is described as "a fan favorite," and who could be more lovable than Vincent? Besides, the actor, Ryan Cartwright, has a series-regular role in the new show Alphas.

The Weird
In an episode that has scientists playing dinosaur, it's safe to assume a little weirdness. But man-vs.-dino arm-wrestling isn't the end of the bizarre in this week's episode.

At some point in "The Hole in the Heart," we can expect some members of the cast to break into song. Of course. The song in question will be "Coconut" by Harry Nilsson (you know the one: "He put the lime in the coconut, he drank 'em both up...").

I'm sure there's an explanation for this.

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Are you looking forward to "The Hole in the Heart?" Who do you expect will be killed? Do you want Brennan and Booth to get together now? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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