'Bones' Poll: Should Brennan Go to Jail for Committing a Felony?
'Bones' Poll: Should Brennan Go to Jail for Committing a Felony?
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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"Psychic in the Soup" broached the divisive issue of whether or not the law should apply to all people equally. Dr. Fuentes and Dr. Brennan colluded to bribe foreign officials and smuggle drugs into Cuba in the spring premiere episode. What gives them the right to commit felonies without consequences and should they be punished? How did they get law-loving FBI Agent Booth to help out? Moreover, isn't it way out of character for law-abiding Brennan and Booth to commit such a crime? Worthy questions all. Let's discuss.

Okay, to be exact, Brennan and Fuentes didn't collude; they didn't actually plan to commit a crime together, which is what "colluding" means. Cam caught Rodolfo "Dangerously Dashing" Fuentes at the Jeffersonian with a wad of cash and a box full of prescription drugs. His intention was to bribe Cuban officials to look the other way while he or his countrymen smuggle the drugs through Mexico and/or across the Gulf of Mexico. From there his compadres would sell the contraband on the black market and they would all get disgustingly rich on the addictions of children and the disadvantaged. SCRE-E-E-E-E-E-CH! Wait. No. That is not at all what was going to happen once the drugs got to Cuba, was it? That would even be out of character for Dangerously Dashing.

Do the Ends Justify the Means at Any Cost?

As you know from watching "The Psychic in the Soup," the drugs were not at all intended for nefarious or vainglorious purposes. Quite the opposite. Fuentes collected them from Cuban expatriates to send to a physician in Cuba for his legitimate medical practice where proper medications are scarce and exorbitantly priced. "These are my people," pleads an impassioned Fuentes. "They have suffered enough ... the law is wrong. We are still talking about saving lives and relieving suffering." Even Cam can't provide a coherent argument against his statement. 

How did Brennan and Booth get involved? After Cam confiscated Fuentes drug stash, Brennan snuck into her office and took them. Brennan then colluded with Booth and his contact at the FBI to make sure those drugs got to Fuentes' Cuban physician colleague. What, did Booth not get enough of prison the first time around? 

What Does the Law say?

Drug trafficking is one of the most serious criminal offenses, usually bringing a first degree felony charge which can result in loss of civil rights and federal benefits, forfeiture of assets, deportation and life in prison according to LegalMatch.com. Even though the drugs were legally prescribed prescriptions, they become illegal when collected in quantity with the purpose of selling or distributing them to people not names on the prescriptions. Having a load of cash in the mix makes it even worse.

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The Risks are Enormous

You'd think the risks alone would be reason enough for these two not to commit any felonies. Didn't they just get their family put back together after Booth's three month sojourn in the clink? How could they risk leaving Christine completely parentless -- especially Brennan who has first hand experience in the foster care system because her own parents were outlaws. Hell-o! So, have the people over at Bones lost their minds in writing this into the storyline? Maybe. Maybe not. 

Would Brennan Really Commit a Felony?

This is the woman who gets hemmed in by the limits of protocol and process. This is the woman who thought she hadn't been bad enough to fully develop her frontal lobe so she agreed to run out of The Founding Fathers with Booth without paying the tab. Granted, Booth has broadened her horizons, but there's a big difference between an abandoned bar tab and smuggling thousands of dollars of illegal drugs out of the country, not to mention bribing law enforcement. However, other evidence shows that this forensic anthropologist has evolved considerably over the last decade and this most recent transgression, though surprising, is not altogether out of character for Brennan. 

Exhibit 1: In "The Corpse on the Canopy" Brennan admits to Booth, Angela and Hodgins that she has no moral problem with killing Pelant for targeting members of the Jeffersonian team.

Exhibits 2, 3 and 4: In season two's "The Blond in the Game," season three's "The Wannabe In the Weeds," and season nine's "The Recluse in the Recliner" Brennan doesn't hesitate to commit justifiable homicide in defense of innocent human lives including her own and Booth's. Those were reactive events. So, are they on par with drug trafficking?

Exhibit 5: I submit "The Conspiracy in the Corpse" in which she actively blackmails Federal Prosecutor Kevin Brady into removing all charges against her unjustly accused and incarcerated husband. So, clearly Brennan is not afraid to break the rules if she feels she has justifiable cause. But does that make it right?

Would Law-Loving Patriot Booth Commit Such a Crime?

This is a man who has put his mortal soul in the hands of his country's leaders. He has trusted his American leaders and killed at their behest in the name of liberty and justice. This is the man who was nearly destroyed by the possibility that John F. Kennedy's death may have been a governmental cover-up in "The Proof in the Pudding."

Granted, Booth has always been a boy scout, and I don't mean that in a derogatory way. He's always been extremely patriotic, but he doesn't hesitate to turn of a government figure if they look guilty for a crime he's investigating. Since the FBI cover-up which landed him in jail and made it look like his country was turing its back on him, Booth is much more likely to say to hell with the FBI, I'm doing what's right. After all, justice isn't always right and life is precious. 

Remember, this is the guy who hid weapons in at the Mighty Hut and took them out to defend his fortress against the FBI's assassins in "The Recluse in the Recliner." He's also the guy who illegally purchased weapons to take out the mastermind who perpetrated the FBI conspiracy.

What Should Happen If They Get Caught?

So far, Brennan, Booth and Fuentes' crime has not been discovered by the authorities. We've already established a pattern of behavior that suggests it is within everybody's character to take this giant risk because saving lives and relieving suffering are worthy causes. I still find it hard to believe B&B would risk Christine's future, btw. Are they justified -- are they above the law -- because they have judged their cause as worthy? Is that justice? Doesn't that fly in the face of equality for all? The law, after all, is the law, even when it is unjust. The law dictates a curtailing of liberties and life in prison for drug traffickers. So I ask you ...

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