'Bones' Season 7 Video and News: New Episodes, New Casting and a New Squintern
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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There's a lot of "new" in Bones season 7. With a new relationship at the center of the story, we can expect plenty of change in Bones' upcoming episodes. What exactly is new? Keep reading to find out!

VIDEO: Meet the Newest Squintern
However impossible it would be to replace the fallen Vincent Nigel-Murray, there is still a gaping hole in the squintern schedule at the Jeffersonian. That hole will be filled in season 7 by Brennan's newest assistant, a young man by the name of Finn Abernathy.

FOX has released a video meant to introduce Finn to the greater Bones audience. Check it out below:

That's some accent, ain't it?

In addition to being mocked for his somewhat unorthodox manner of speaking (and for that awful baseball cap), Finn will be dealing with troubles of the legal kind: Finn has something of a checkered past. His juvenile criminal record -- and what that might mean for his position at the Jeffersonian -- will be a major part of Finn's introduction to Bones in this week's "The Hot Dog in the Competition."

Extra Episodes in Season 7
Bones season 7 will be a shortened one, but it won't be quite as short as originally expected. Instead of 13 episodes, we're going to get 17.

Production on Bones stopped after filming six episodes in order to give star Emily Deschanel some time for her maternity leave. The rest of the episodes will begin filming in early December for airing in 2012. There were originally meant to be just 13 episodes in Bones season 7, but a new order from FOX has upped the total to 17.

According to a report published by The Hollywood Reporter, the specific timing of those episodes is still up in the air. "It's a real pickle for us," explained Hart Hanson, the creator and executive producer of Bones. "We don't quite know where to place those four stories in our universe. If they air all in a row, they would be odd, because they would not contain any meaningful character arcs. We're hoping we can get some guidance perhaps after we air for awhile."

A Character Returns
Remember the FBI's equivalent of a squintern? Tina Majorino's Agent Ginny Shaw made a splash when she appeared in season 6's "The Hole in the Heart." And she's coming back for season 7!

According to TVLine, Majorino will appear in episode 4 of Bones season 7. While nothing has been confirmed yet, she may appear again throughout the season. Whatever the case, we can expect to learn more about Shaw and her back-story soon.

A Character Goes Elsewhere
Not permanently, of course.

Thanks to the shortened Bones season, at least two of that show's stars will make guest appearances on episodes of the spin-off series, The Finder. John Francis Daley's character of Sweets will show up in Florida first, apparently to perform a psych evaluation on Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults).

The other character confirmed to visit The Finder is T.J. Thyne's Hodgins. Whatever Hodgins' specific purpose in going to Florida, he is likely to spend a great deal of time debating conspiracy theories with the super-paranoid Walter.

Want confirmation of all of this? On November 9, Hart Hanson posted to his Twitter account the following rundown of Bones/Finder crossovers:

"Bones" TJ Thyne is confirmed for episode 9 of "The Finder". JFD [John Francis Daley] in ep 5, DB [David Boreanaz] directing ep 8, TJ in ep 9 -- it's a family.

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The next episode of Bones, "The Hot Dog in the Competition," airs on Thursday, November 10 at 9pm.

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