'Bones' Recap: The Secret's Out with Cam and Her Love Interest
'Bones' Recap: The Secret's Out with Cam and Her Love Interest
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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There are episodes of Bones where the cases aren't too fascinating when compared to the side plots of the cast. Then there are the episodes where the cases are pretty gripping. "The Survivor in the Soap" is one of the ones where I was glued in from start to finish, balanced by both the case and Cam's relationship with the Squintern, as well as Brennan and Booth's future vacation plans.
They All Know

Love can do funny things to people! Never would I have thought Cam would be embracing -- let alone kissing -- someone in the workplace, but that's exactly what she's doing with Vaziri. The only person who knows is Hodgins, who of course had told Angela. 

But Cam doesn't know Angela knows, so she pretends not to know either. But she laments over the fact that it's so obvious Cam and Vaziri are together, as they stand close to each other. Hodgins is quick to point out that the only reason they're close is because she's signing papers for him, and that it's obvious to her because she knows. Of course, it's easy to see things for more than what they are if you know it to be true.

Brennan, of course, is completely clueless to her intern and her boss being in a relationship. When the two of them come out holding hands, she doesn't put two and two together and just wonders why they're holding hands or embracing. Oh, Brennan. So, so naive sometimes that's it's a little frustrating.

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Breaking Their Trust

The FBI/Jeffersonian case this week shed light on Sierra Leone and its child soldiers. It's one of the heavier cases they've took on. I totally thought the apartment manager might have something to do with it because the camera stayed on him a little longer than necessary, and I kept thinking about him in the back of my mind.

It's really sad the immigration lawyer ended up being the one to kill him. There were all these refugees, who came to him for help because they trusted him. They had no one else to turn to in this new world, where they just wanted to start fresh, but instead he betrayed their trust.

Needing Some Time Off

Even before taking on the case, Brennan and Booth were discussing going on vacation, just the two of them. It was hilarious that Brennan mentioned she actually went on a trip -- when she was on the run for murder. That is her idea of a vacation? Why am I even surprised?

But I would love an episode where everyone's on vacation. No dead bodies, just the beach and good times. I think they're all in need of a little R&R!

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