'Bones' Recap: Death is No Laughing Matter
'Bones' Recap: Death is No Laughing Matter
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week's episode, "The But in the Joke," isn't going to go down as one of the most memorable episodes overall, but it did provide some laughs courtesy of our resident FBI agent. And Angela finds herself infatuated with another man!

An FBI Agent Walks Into a Comedy Club...

When Booth goes undercover as a stand-up comedian, no one seems to point out that he should maybe dress as one. No comedian doing stand-up dresses in a suit and tie -- unless you're an FBI agent disguised as one. Come on, hasn't the FBI done this before? Or is that the CIA?

Anyway, when Booth reads off jokes courtesy of Sweets and Fisher, all that's missing are the sounds of crickets as the audience barely even twitches, except for Sweets' all-too-eager laughter (but Brennan does truly appreciate them). When he realizes he isn't getting anywhere, Booth changes tactics and starts telling these "jokes" that are actually real-life situations related to his job. And the audience eats it up! Who knew gun jokes could be so funny?

Funny Business

Ladies love the funny men. And that's what possibly could've caught up with the comedian, who had been juggling a few women. So it seems the killer could be any of the women, right? Nope, since by the end, it's found that the comedian was killed via ... a toilet seat?

This leads to Hodgins having to investigate all the toilets in the area. There's a joke in there somewhere...

The killer turns out to be the brother of the comedian's girlfriend. The brother had found out that the funny man was planning on dumping his sister and moving to New York, leaving both of them screwed since the funny man also wanted in on the funny business.

A Brief Moment of Infidelity

Angela is a busy career woman with a husband and child. Not a bad life, if you ask me. But the realization that the street artist who falls on the decomposed body of this week's murder victim is actually the famous "Zed," she's reminded of her care-free younger days. Back when her life wasn't so busy, and she could express her heart out artistically.

So she sees in him parts of herself she wished she could be. She admires him. And then kisses him! But it doesn't mean anything. Hodgins seems to be extremely understanding, which is believable because, I mean, come on. Hodgins and Zen, there really isn't much competition.

The only compliment Zed gives Angela regarding her artwork is that she has good technique, which I would assume is like telling a writer that her creative essay at least has no grammatical errors. Not exactly the words you want to hear from someone you admire.

By the end, though, when Angela tags a wall, Zed simply comes to look at it and then walks away. At first, Angela thinks he hates it, but then Zed tells her it was so good he couldn't do anything to it. As he disappears back up the stairs he came from, I love Hodgins trying to get in a shot about never touching his woman.

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