'Bones' Recap: Cryptic Message in Severed Spine
'Bones' Recap: Cryptic Message in Severed Spine
I must say, I totally enjoyed every moment of tonight's Bones episode, "The Crack in the Code." Who in the world writes a message in blood -- not just any kind of blood, but human blood -- at a national museum? A crazed killer, that's who!

A Killer That Slices Spines? Look Out!

Brennan takes a look at the skull and vertebrae at the scene of the "crime," and realizes that the suspect dissected the vertebrae and put it back together like a deranged surgeon. The vertebrae, they discover, was arranged in a way for the team to discover a message based on the order that the vertebrae pieces were placed, all with human gut (yuck!). They go on to discover that the human blood that was used to create this cryptic message is not the victim's, but five other individuals.

With that, the team goes on a scavenger hunt type journey to find the killer. As the team moves on discovering more information on this crazed killer, they discover that there is a lot of technology associated with the said killer, or at least who they have pegged as the killer.

Serial Killer Back in the Picture

A few months ago, we met serial killer Christopher Pellant. The team believes that Pellant is behind all of this. But how can he be? He can't possibly be acting alone because he is under house arrest with an anklet. If he is behind this, he's got to have someone on the outside helping him. Or at least you would think. But he doesn't really, because he is a freaking super-freak genius or something. Read on...

Bone Scanning Results in Mysterious Activity

Did you know it was possible for a computer virus to be in bones? Yea, neither did I, until tonight. Malware was written on bones in fractal patterns that took down the entire FBI computer system. And only a computer genius would know how to make this happen ... you guessed it, Christopher Pellant, the guy who is under house arrest.

Fireworks Go Boom!

And how cool was that explosive in the chest cavity of that dummy? I absolutely loved how the team didn't think that it had worked, and then out of nowhere, BOOM! Instead of jumping, I laughed. I just knew it was coming. I know, crazy!

Personalities Collide During House Hunting

Outside of the murder mystery world, Booth and Brennan are embarking on a dangerous journey of their own -- finding a home for their family! The two are having a difficult time finding a house because Brennan wants her own space, the baby needs the perfect room and a man-cave is among the needs (yea, right, more like wants) of Booth. The two are completely different and have different desires, but I guess that is what attracted them to one another in the first place. After all, they do say that opposites attract.

Brennan has a crazy-huge bankroll thanks to being a best-selling author and because of this, she wants a huge house. She wants to splurge. However, Booth doesn't want to live off of Brennan's money, and wants to split the cost of a new place to live as a family. Due to this, Brennan's dream house must be downsized majorly. Brennan wants at least two floors while Booth is happy with just one floor. Booth wants a man-cave room that is big enough for a 60-inch television -- as if this is really necessary -- and Brennan wants a house with a solid history (you know, the bones!).

Thankfully, despite everything, the two find the perfect home that everyone is happy with -- and it's a fixer-upper. I can't believe Brennan agrees to it, but she could see the home's bones and everything seemed to be "structurally sound."

Pellant, Booth and Brennan: Connected in a Way We Couldn't Imagine

Moving on, we'll also got to see a lot more of the creepy psychopath. In fact, it has been said that he'll be changing the series significantly. Booth and Brennan, because of Pellant, are going to be in a totally new situation than ever before, which will affect both of them on a personal level, according to various spoilers across the web. I just wonder exactly how he is going to come into their life. He was making some really crazy "instruments" at the end, like that super-charged toothbrush -- Lord only knows what that thing will do when it starts up. What do you think Pellant has to do with the future of Booth and Brennan? And just what is he going to do with that explosive-loaded toothbrush?

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