'Bones' Recap: Hodgins Wants a Divorce?
'Bones' Recap: Hodgins Wants a Divorce?
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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Of its 225 episodes aired to date, Bones has given the world more than its fair share of truly fine episodes. "The Last Shot At a Second Chance" is what one might call a "sleeper" triumph. There's no wretch-inspiring gore, no hilarious experiments, no truly evil characters, no widespread social or political injustice being perpetrated against society or its vulnerable populations. This is a stripped-down story which allows the true genius of Bones to shine through. What is that true genius, you ask? It's the soulful delivery of masterful portrayals driven by a well-crafted narrative that genuinely reflects life that is hard and painful and everyday.

This quietly remarkable, stripped-down episode, has other charming elements that warm the heart. For example, Booth waxing romantic with Brennan in the opening scene and then later talking with Aubrey about their awkward moments which lead to so much joy. Aubrey and Jessica finding their own awkward way is another wonderful piece of "The Last Shot At a Second Chance." Brennan's heart-to-hearts with both Hodgins and Angela are a testament to how far she has come in her ability to see the invisible nuances of relationship. What a solid performance, Bones.

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Booth Bribes Brennan With Promises of Tribal Foreplay 

Was that the best scene of the season, or what? Brennan is going on trial for slugging the misogynist "The Murder in the Meninist," possibly facing suspension or mandatory anger management classes if she wants to continue consulting with the FBI, but she wants nothing of Booth's vast knowledge about the FBI's expectations. Nothing, that is, until he starts taunting her with (gasp) that thing she wrote about on page 187! She smiles coyly, but rebuffs him. 

Booth is dauntless. Apparently Brennan's novel is chock full of titillating close encounters of the romantic kind. How about page 92, the thing with the jump and rabbit ears? Nope, not in the mood. However, the sexy smiles exchanged continue. Brennan flirtatiously suggests the tribal adventures featured on page 214. Booth is thrilled and so are we. These are the Brennan and Booth of my fantasies. (Thank you, Bones!) Will we ever learn the full details of the gymnastic Booth bedroom? Unlikely, but who cares? The fact that our favorite crime-fighters have a healthy and fun love life is enough to spur a thousands fan fictions from now until 2020. 

Despite whatever advice Booth imparts, or the rambunctious activities he traded to be able to share them, Brennan's review with the FBI nearly gets her canned. 

Jessica Gives Aubrey a Bloody Nose and Runs Away

These two have watched way too many geeky movies together without really getting together. When they finally go in for the lip lock, their foreheads knock and Aubrey ends up with a busted nose. He asks Booth's advice which results in some dreamy commentary from Booth about the many awkward moments he and Brennan shared before they finally became lovers. (Man, that love-struck look on his face ... wow. Is it my birthday? And who wrote this episode? They should be bronzed and erected in the middle of the Jeffersonian atrium. I digress.)

While Aubrey chats-up Booth, Jessica spills to Cam with this awesome neurotic soliloquy and we all know exactly how she feels:

"Our entire relationship has been a weird timing thing. Because of the slowness. Glaciers move faster. I think the feelings are there, but what if that doesn't matter? What if the physical is just never there and then I never have another orgasm, and life is just a futile existence of jumping from one binge-watched show to another?"

Oh, sweet child. Sweet, sweet quirky, enthusiastic, red-headed, commune-raised child. Do you see that you are waling in Brennan and Booth's footsteps and in those of so many lovers before you? Cam sees it for what it is and replies, "Aubrey is crazy about you. It's obvious."

(Then she hits us between the eyes with what I like to call ...)

The Underlying Theme of the Episode

"It's easier to run away from things that scare you. It harder to work through the complications," Cam says it to Jessica. This mighty truth is woven through Bones like a ribbon through a braid. Already we've been reminded of the long and winding road of Brennan and Booth's relationship. Cam and Arastoo have very recently faced their own separation due to fear. Now Angela and Hodgins are facing the challenges of wanting to run away rather than work through their own complications. Pretty sneaky. Extraordinarily clever. 

Sebastian Kohl Parlays a Private Meeting with Angela

Hodgins' remains as unattractive and unpleasant as ever post-paraplegia, and the whole world is disgusted with him. Poor Jessica watches as her Jeffersonian family suffers through lab time with an arctic breeze surrounding the wheeled entomologist. 

Enter Cam's ex, the sexy photojournalist who invites Angela to a private screening under the guise of not wanting to run into Cam, though, honestly, it is a-w-k-w-a-r-d when the two do bump into each other. What are you planning, Bones? You better not break up June and Ward Cleaver or you are going to have lots of explaining to do. 

Angela tries to discuss Sebastian with Hodgins, but the conversation ends in a big stinky mess. Hodgins seems to have given up on himself and his marriage. Angela is disgusted. Not a good time to privately meet with a sexy man who admires your work, sister. 

Later, Angela dreams that Sebastian seduces her at his studio. (Before I knew this was a dream I was screaming profanities that I am glad my grandmother is no longer alive to hear come out of my mouth). Hodgins wakes her up after hearing her say Sebastian's name. The poo has definitely hit the fan, boys and girls.

Lola Marshall Was a Convicted Fugitive

The victim is Lola Marshall, a gal who spent ten years in prison for selling crack cocaine in the projects. After doing her time, Lola moved into Nextstep Halfway House owned by Thomas Hemingway. She went missing two weeks previously. Her Nextstep roommate, Jasmine, directs Booth and Aubrey to Kenneth "Kenny J." Johnson, her previous supplier. It turns out that Booth was in prison with Kenny J. and looks unusually uncomfortable when he hears the name. 

Jessica finds numerous bone fractures on Lola's skeleton while Cam is curious about a piece of burned flesh which turns out to be a gun shot wound. So, the beating makes it sound like a crime of passion, but was she shot as well? It's possible that Lola tried to fight off her attacker,. Another theory is that she may have been buried alive and sustained the fractures trying to claw her way out. (What a horrifying way to go.)

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Booth's Prison Pal Is the First Suspect

Kenny J. was the only guy that had Booth's back in prison. Does this make him a little biased during his and Aubrey's chat with Kenny J.? It sure does. Booth is in a tough spot. Being in prison gave him a whole new perspective; one he didn't have as a sniper, a soldier, or a man of the law. Giving Kenny a break after a brief chat is consistent with Booth's past behavior, though. We've seen him relate to someone, but when push comes to shove and a suspect starts to look irrefutably guilty, Booth has no trouble taking the side of the law. Maybe it will be different this time?

Brennan on Trial.jpg
Lola's Broken-Hearted Daughter Is Pregnant

The second suspect is Kalani, Lola's 17-year-old daughter with whom Lola had recently reconnected. In a heart-crushing interview, Kalani admits that she is pregnant after Brennan sees the signs. Lola and Kalani were planning to be a real family and hoping to break the cycle of poverty as well as drug abuse. Kalani remembers her mother riding around with Kenny J. 

It turns out that Kenny J. had seen Lola the day she died. It also turns out that he's Kalani's father, though he didn't know it until right before Lola died. He chickened out on meeting Kalani because he didn't feel he was a worthy father.

At this point in the story, it's looking like Kenny J. really is the stand-up guy Booth believes him to be. Kalani is devastated and alone again now that her mother is dead. It's easy to see where this is going, isn't it? Booth is going to bring Kalani and Kenny together to form a family. Of course, by the end, that does happen, but it happens organically. It happens subtly. It feels natural because of how well it's portrayed. 

Brennan Counsels Hodgins and Supports Angela

Brennan and Hodgins have a tete-a-tete about what it's like to have your life explode and your future incomprehensible. Hodgins walks off (rolls off) insinuating that there are no options for him. It's a touching scene on Brennan's side, and you can't help but feel for poor Hodgins. Though he rolls off seemingly unaffected, Brennan just may have begun to melt his resolve to turn his back on life. 

Scenes later, Brennan and Angela are on the mezzanine for a bestie talk. Angela admits  to having a sex dream, getting busted by Hodgins, and feeling tempted to sex-it-up with Sebastian. But she loves Hodgins. Brennan endearingly supports Angela and promises there can be change even though Hodgins doesn't seem to want to return to the person he once was. This tender scene is one of the many excellently delivered scenes in "The Last Shot At A Second Chance."

Oh, we can't overlook the foreshadowing Bones injected into this scene about Angela and Hodgins' future. Did you notice how clear Brennan made it that Hodgins can still have sex? This means that having kids is not at all outside the realm of possibility. Well, fertility science being what it is in the 21st century, Hodgins would have been able to father a child if he could produce ten healthy sperm, but still, this is very promising news in regard to their future happiness all around.

The Wiley Monkey Holds the Key to Nextstep

Evidence leads the team back to the halfway house and the room that Lola shared with Jasmine where Jessica and Aubrey find a lamp filled with bags of Wiley Monkey, the latest in designer drugs. Under the hot lights, Jasmine refuses to give up her drug business partner, the person who most likely killed Lola, who probably threatened to rat on Jasmine and her partner.

Strange abrasions on the back of Lola's rib cage pose a conundrum that only Brennan can solve. It turns out that Lola was knocked out and presumed to be dead when placed in a trunk. Rousing inside the trunk, she tried to claw her way out. The killer opened the trunk and shot Lola through her soft tissue, but the bullet hit the carpet and metal inside the trunk and underneath Lola, creating blowback of those materials into Lola's ribs. Hodgins matches the fibers to Hemingway's car. Remember the owner of the halfway house? He was using the addicts to further his own drug business. The only overacted scene of the episode was Hemingway's excuses for his criminal behavior. Weasel. Case closed.

Hodgins Tries to Divorce Angela 

In an excellent scene between Angela and Hodgins, Jack gives Angela a folder containing the deeds to all of his possessions. It's pretty clear he wants a divorce, though the words are never spoken. However, this is the first time he shows any real concern for Angela and what he's doing to her. It looks like Brennan's talk had a tremendous impact on Jack.

Angela refuses to accept Hodgins quitting. This is another brilliant scene between Michaela Conlin's Angela and T.J. Thyne's Jack Hodgins. In the end, Hodgins comes home to find Angela crying in bed. In a dialog-free scene Hodgins rounds the bed and takes his wife's hand. All is not perfect in the Hodgela universe, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel leading them out of their hole.

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Aubrey and Jessica Have Their Killer Kiss

The two have another date and agree that the waiting is a good thing -- it means they have something special. Just as Jessica turns to go, she is almost run over by a car. Aubrey, always the consummate hero, saves her life and she lands right on top of him. Two seconds later they are locked in a fabulous kiss. Other than Brennan and Booth and Jack and Angela, these two have the most promising coupling of the entire series. (I, for one, am all for it.)

Brennan Is Remanded Into Booth's Care

What can I really say about the final B&B scene? It's adorable and funny. Brennan and Booth are in front of the FBI Misconduct committee. Brennan finally takes responsibility for her egregious behavior and promises not to do it again. The committee decides Brennan shall have six months of probation with Booth as her probation officer, per se. Her actions will reflect on Booth, in other words, and if she screws up it will be Booth's head on the chopping block along with her's. As the scene closes, Booth and Brennan argue over whether or not they will accept the committee's conditions. Of course they will, thus closing one of the finest episodes of the season. 

See you next time for "The Fight in the Fixer" when one of the suspects answers the door completely covered in purple. Purple what? You'll have to tune in to find out. Until then, keep Lovin' Bones!

Bones airs Thursdays at 8pm on FOX. 

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