'Bones' Recap: Roller Derby Brings All the Rage -- And Murder
'Bones' Recap: Roller Derby Brings All the Rage -- And Murder
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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In "The Doll in the Derby," Booth and Brennan visit a roller derby team whose member is found in a slaughterhouse, well, slaughtered. In order to gain inside info without getting warrants for every single person on the team, Angela tries out of the team. Also, which two people who aren't a couple share a big kiss and why?

Lacing 'Em Up

The crazy cases on Bones has allowed its characters to go undercover -- earlier this season, we saw Booth and Brennan as ballroom dancers. In "The Doll in the Derby," it's Angela who assumes another identity as a roller derby girl after a member of the team she "infiltrates" winds up dead.

Angela's quite the tough cookie, and if any of the female characters were to be a derby girl, it's her. (I can imagine Daisy doing quite well, too.)

She holds her own while she's out there, despite some nasty falls. To celebrate, she takes one of the members out for some drinks in order to get information. This means they both get drunk, Angela gets Booth out to the bar and they pretend to be dating. It's shocking when she plants her lips on him, but I love when she later asks in a drunk/flirty way for another.

Not So Innocent

What Angela's able to get her teammate to reveal is that someone's been stealing money from the team. She already knew personal items were being stolen from the locker room. The woman who died had thought it was the man in charge of the team -- and he conveniently says he thought it was the victim who was doing it.

In the end, the victim had been stealing from her own team. But another member of the team had snapped and stabbed her in the eye with the key to the team's truck. Unnecessary. 

Thanks to Angela's help, Booth's able to bring the real killer in. 

Old Flames 

Wendell's 29th birthday becomes an amusing backdrop for the dynamic between him, Hodgins and Angela. Angela used to date Wendell, which I had totally forgotten and am reminded of that when Wendell tells his ex-girlfriend's husband that he once posed for her naked! 

Wendell's gift to the couple is a classic: that same artwork but with his lower half tastefully covered in some red/pink boxers. I have to admit, I was a little worried during the "reveal." The birthday boy also buying his own drinks -- and Angela's and Hodgins' as well because they're now broke -- is a nice touch as well.

Dad of the Year

With son Parker in England and his daughter Christine in perfectly good health, it seems Booth's been spending his free time with sick kids. 

I have to admit, though, that when he and Brennan are being all secretive about him going to the hospital, I didn't think it had to do with him like we're led to conclude but one of his kids. Then, when Cam finds out that Booth's "doctor" works with children, I immediately thought maybe it's Parker who's sick. It would make sense other than having him in England living this whole other life. I'm glad to see Parker's just fine, and that Booth's just spending time with children out of the goodness of his heart.

But still, it makes no sense that Parker hasn't seen his dad in forever, and his name just pops up once in a while to remind us that, yes, Booth also has a son.

But back to the scene with Booth at the carnival with the children: how cute is that? For the second week in a row, Brennan spies on Booth at the end, except this time, she remains hidden the entire time since she's there with Cam, which is against Booth's wishes. Seriously, this man is pretty much perfect.

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