'Bones' Recap: Let's Talk About Death
'Bones' Recap: Let's Talk About Death
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week's Bones episode "The Twist in the Plot" offered a bit of respite from the edge-of-your-seat madness that last week's show brought. The latest case got everyone talking about death and how they'd like to be buried -- or not.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Apparently almost four months in the real world is a little more than a month in the world of Bones. Sweets dumped Daisy nine episodes ago, which seems like a long time, as does three months. But a little more than a month would make sense for the show since he's not only been living with Brennan and Booth, but he sees Daisy for the first time at work.

I wasn't expecting Daisy to be so calm and not crazy. And I felt bad -- although I don't know for what exactly: her, for getting dumped or the two of them, for not being together. It's not as awkward as one would expect it to be, and they even meet up for coffee. 

Daisy reveals she's seeing someone -- as does Sweets! He's lying about it, right? A girl from the Bureau? Surely that one agent from that ONE episode who kissed him ONCE isn't his girlfriend. But he's saying she is.

So, does Sweets regret breaking up with her? I didn't think so, but it felt and looked like he was looking at her longingly, while she had completely moved on. Or so I thought, since she reveals to Cam later that she's pretty sad. It was nice to see her confiding in Cam because between her, Brennan and Angela, it's more likely someone would turn to Cam last for relationship advice.

Two Bodies, One Case?

Whew, that was enough nit-picking their relationship! After all, there's a case to solve. It's one of more interesting, yet odd cases, the Bones crew solves.

Two bodies are discovered by a couple biking along a trail. Sidenote: How funny were they? She's completely covered in gross bugs, and he's more concerned with recording the discovery of the bodies.

Anyway, one of the bodies is Monica, who had cancer and wished was to be buried at the spot where she was found. The second woman uncovered has a deep connection with the first -- Rachel was Monica's doula, meaning the former helped the latter to die.

One thing about Rachel to know is that she would have purely sexual relationships with men for three months and not a day more. This info leads to her business partner, who swears up and down that even though she broke things off after three months, he still remained friends with her.

It turns out Monica didn't actually die of cancer, which is how the case gets solved. Monica wanted the pain to go away, to die. And her husband didn't stop her from continuing to take medication. So while he didn't essentially murder her, he also didn't stop her either. It's a touchy subject, but you could see the guilt and grief on his face.

But what about Rachel? Her three-month pact comes back into play, as it turns out Monica's husband was cheating on his wife with, yes, Rachel. And she broke it off like she always does after three months, and it happened to be two days before his wife died. 

An Emotional End

This issue of how people want to be buried confront all the characters on Bones. Hodgins, in a very Hodgins-esque way wanted to be shot into the sun. Booth's will fit on a sticky note. Brennan's was more than 300 pages!

But it was an issue that Booth and Brennan has to tackle. I was getting quite emotional watching Booth record a message for Christine in the event of his death. And seeing Brennan also getting emotional while listening in on it without him knowing, her head just popping over his shoulder. Then her "ruining" the end by running over to him for an embrace.

It was so sweet and everything we've come to love about these two. Of course Booth's will was short, and of course hers was a huge stack of papers. No matter what, these two always balance each other out.

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