'Bones' Recap: Double the Murders in Two-Hour Return
'Bones' Recap: Double the Murders in Two-Hour Return
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Bones returns from its winter hiatus with "The Diamond in the Rough" and "The Archaeologist in the Cocoon" in a special two-hour night. Can you handle this much Brennan and Booth? Of course you can.

So They Think They Can Dance?

If someone were to ask you how Booth put himself through college, dance instructor probably wouldn't make it to the top 100 guesses. But that's what he did -- making $30/hour no less! It was a way for him and his mother to bond (awww) when he was young.

Booth's dancing skills come in handy when he and Brennan go undercover -- as Buck and Wanda -- and try out for a ballroom dancing competition as they chase leads on who killed one of the best female dancers who was to try out as well.

Brennan thinks she can just watch someone dance and be able to mimic the moves. This turns out to be hilarious, as she's, well, not exactly the most graceful out there on the dance floor. But her enthusiasm is infectious, and she's trying.

Break A Leg

The dead dancer's male partner quickly found someone else to tango with after her death. And this new girl has a stage mom for a mother, always yelling at her daughter and pushing her to the point of ... yes, poison.

But the poison isn't what actually killed her -- it was her neck being snapped, courtesy of the new dancer's boyfriend, who wanted nothing but to see her be one of the top dancers. He thought if she won, she'd finally be able to break free from her mother's ways.

Even though the bad guy is caught, Brennan really wants to go ahead with their audition. Everyone's going to be there! They start off horribly. It's funny, awkward and uncomfortable all at the same time. And then something happens -- every slows down and Brennan and Booth seem so very angelic. It's all really sweet, and I got a bit emotional.

Happy Medium for Angela

It's also worth noting that Angela spent the entire episode being sad about her job. It only took her eight years, but she's realizing her job isn't as artistic as she imagined it to be. While I say her job of reconstructing faces is art in a way, she doesn't seem to agree. 

By the end, Hodgins has talked to Cam to get Angela's hours cut so that she doesn't have to completely give up the job she's so very good at -- and one in which she works with her husband -- and pursue her artistic dream.

Published to Kill

In "The Archaeologist in the Cocoon," the story of an archaeologist's remains found in a cocoon isn't all too interesting but it's particularly sad because he left behind a very pregnant wife whom he met in Chechnya. Her family are pure traditionalists and didn't approve of her marrying a foreigner. So much so that her father whipped him.

But that isn't what killed him. Booth first believes it was her brother, that a former military guy killed his sister's husband for $20,000. I'm not particularly keen on what the going rate is when there's a bounty on someone but I don't know, $20,000 seems particularly low to commit murder. 

But the brother isn't the killer because the archeologist was killed with a heavy object ... specifically a bookend. That only leaves the victim's publisher, who was appalled he wanted to publish in a journal.

New Discovery

The scene that steals this Bones episode is in the end. The archaeologist had uncovered remains that were mix of homosapien and neanderthal. I also need to point out how Brennan licked, yes licked, the bones to figure out they were human. Human bones stick to the tongue. Don't everyone go scrambling to test that theory!

Anyway, in order to explain this one-of-kind finding of a child who was a mix of the homosapien mother and neanderthal father, the Jeffersonian team act out the scene of what happened: basically the child starved to death because she wasn't accepted by others and died with her mother and father, who the child had attacked previously. Or something like that. The scene was way more amusing than I'm explaining.

Next week, it looks like Pellant is back. Can he finally die or be brought to justice -- for good?

Bones airs at 8pm Mondays on FOX.

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