'Bones' Recap: Finding Closure in the 150th Episode
'Bones' Recap: Finding Closure in the 150th Episode
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week's milestone episode of Bones, titled "The Ghost in the Machine," has the Jeffersonian team solving the mystery of a young teen's death. But before we continue with the recap, let's take a moment to marvel at how far the show has come -- 150 episodes is no easy task. Congrats, Bones!

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Different Perspective

For the 150th episode, the show goes all out to give it that special treatment. By telling us the story from the "eyes" of the teen, Colin, who was found in a greenhouse, it's like we are the victim and the Jeffersonian team is looking at us.

I think it worked -- even down to do the jagged camerawork and how characters' heads are cut off because of the victim's vantage point. If this type of directing happened in another episode, would it have worked? Definitely not because it would've felt really random. But this way, it makes it that much more memorable. (Although I could do without the fog and smoke to transition in and out of scenes.)

Talking to a Spirit

Angela's psychic pal, played perfectly by Cyndi Lauper, returns to offer some other-worldly advice and communicates with Colin's spirit. She sees that he's sad and has unfinished business.

So the episode goes on with Brennan and crew trying to piece the puzzle together. I especially enjoy the little moments the characters have with Colin. There's Angela explaining how she's the one who gives him a face, and Brennan is the one who gives him a voice. There's Cam telling the victim to tell her mother that she's 87% happy. There's Booth saying a prayer after Brennan brings him home -- but then promptly puts a cover over him. Ha!

Mixed Emotions for a Mixed Tape

For a moment, it's suspected that Colin's father had something to do with his son's death because of paint chip found that matched his car. But it turns out Colin was just a young teen trying to impress his older friends by standing on the hood of the car and fell after losing balance when the driver slammed on the brakes.

Not a ruthless murder -- but just a terrible accident.

But Avalon sees that it's not the death that necessarily makes him sad, but that the girl he liked never got to hear his mixed tape. Even if you don't care for this specific part of the storyline, you understand the feelings because who hasn't been given a mixed tape during their childhood? For those of us who were young when mixed tapes were still around, at least! It's a sweet moment, and it finally allows Colin to rest in peace.

Well, Bones isn't back until Jan. 14, 2013, when Brennan and Booth put on their dancing shoes. See you then!

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