'Bones' Fans Remain Positive for Booth-Brennan Hookup
'Bones' Fans Remain Positive for Booth-Brennan Hookup
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The future may remain uncertain on Bones, but it certainly looks brighter than ever for Booth and Brennan. In "The Blackout in the Blizzard," the crime-fighting duo finally had "the talk" (read the full recap here). And though the results seem bleak at the moment, it paved the way for a possible hookup in the future -- at least according to these Bones fans:

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John Butler: Of course there is the potential, been that way since the start ... but now it's in the open and they know they want to get to the same page and want the same thing!

Barbara Pignataro: Booth said when he wanted something, he wrote it and burned it! He wants it, and her face when she thought he was angry with her ... well she looked crushed, clearly she wants it too ... so it will happen.

'Bones' Quiz: All About Booth and Brennan's Relationship

Given the possibility of a Booth and Brennan romance in the future, we asked our readers and Facebook followers what type of girlfriend Brennan would be if she got together with Booth. Here are the responses:

Guilherme Mateus: When [Brennan] kisses Booth, she will start saying a lot of science facts.

Saam Preysleer: A very weird girlfriend but very lovely!

Sheila Ratzlaff-chute: I think they would be the same they are now: a great team, but with perks!

Brandy Martinez: I think that she would be a nice girlfriend. But it's hard to guess what she would be like because she is full of surprises. But that's only what I think.

Zeinab De: Nothing would change except that they are together and ... they have good chemistry.

Sharon Frank: I don't think she would change too much, except I can see them both giddy with happiness that spills over to anyone around them. I think Brennan would be very attentive to Booth. They would still bicker back and forth, but they would have a ton of fun together and definitely be the most gorgeous couple on TV.

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