'Bones' Fan Columnist: Temperance Brennan, Crime Solver and Lifesaver
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Temperance Brennan, Crime Solver and Lifesaver
Nicole Bessette
Nicole Bessette
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Hello again, Bones fans! It seems as though it has been forever since we last met, but thanks to the San Francisco Giants' win in the World Series earlier this week, a new episode of Bones entitled "The Bones That Weren't" finally aired on FOX. So, again, thank you, Giants, and congratulations!

The Case

A skeleton is found by a skateboarder in a slab of cement at a construction site which, of course, prompts Booth and Bones to investigate. Thanks to a rare tattoo found on one of his teeth, the male victim is easily identified as Robert Pearson, a former ballet dancer turned street performer.

From another one of the street performers, a bronze Shakespeare to be exact, Sweets learns that Robert was a pickpocket who had a partner in crime helping him get away with his illegal actions. And meanwhile, back at the lab, the Squints discover Robert's cause of death was from being stabbed in the back by an object that pierced his lung, and they confirm that the murder weapon was a garbage picker.  

Furthermore, they discover a hand print on a piece of plastic that Robert was rolled through after he died that belongs to Beverly Houle, another one of the street performers and secretly Robert's partner in crime. Robert apparently cheated her out of the money they got from picking pockets, and in an act of angry retaliation, Beverly chased him down with the garbage picker and stabbed him in the back. Case closed.   

Arastoo Returns

Squintern Arastoo Vaziri returned to the Jeffersonian this week after quite a long absence, but he sure did not waste any time at all getting back into the swing of things, helping tremendously with the case and even dumpster diving with Hodgins.  

Yet, despite the recurring Squinterns, I still feel like Bones is missing its greatness from last season, but I can't quite put my finger on it as to why. Maybe it's because the usual Booth and Brennan moments we would get every episode are now being turned into Booth and Hannah moments? I don't know. Am I alone in this thinking though? Comment below!  

Hannah Gets Shot!

While quite stubbornly pursuing a dangerous story about crooked cops in a sketchy area of town, Hannah gets shot in the leg and is taken to the hospital where Booth immediately rushes to see her. Being the totally loveable and protective man we all know him to be, he asks Hannah to be careful and take it easy until she is back on her feet, and then he will help her catch the crooked cop that shot her. I have a feeling we're going to see this come up again later in the season, don't you?

Brennan Saves the Day

After looking at Hannah's X-Ray, Brennan discovers a serious error in judgment that Hannah's doctor made about her leg.  If she were to strain her leg too much, a piece of bone could detach and sever her femoral artery killing her instantly. Thus, she needs to have surgery immediately to make sure that this doesn't happen in the future, and so, as we are all very used to, Brennan saves the day by saving Hannah's life.     

Quite a Pair  

At the end of the episode, Brennan pays Hannah a visit in the hospital to see how she is doing, and she asks her to be more careful because Booth would be very upset if she died.  Once again, I am amazed by her and her progress, and I hope we can continue seeing that in the future. Also, I'm interested to see where this Hannah and Brennan friendship will lead us.   

However, one thing I would really not like to see is so many lovey-dovey Booth and Hannah moments. I mean really, I feel that it's getting ridiculous. After all, I'm still trying to accept it, and I can only do so much at a time. I know, of course, that this is just my personal opinion and I am a total die hard Booth and Brennan fan, but there's gotta be more of you out there who feel the same, right? Sound away, my friends!

Discussion: How long do you think Hannah's role on Bones will last?

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