'Bones' Fan Columnist: Death by Chocolate
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Death by Chocolate
Nicole Bessette
Nicole Bessette
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
OK, my fellow Bones fans. This week's episode "The Babe in the Bar" was another great one in my book, and it was once again due to the fact that there was no Hannah. I mean, really, I don't think there could be a bigger hint for the Bones writers to take.  

Also, I have to take this time to give the Bones crew their props for having one of the most disgusting openings I can remember seeing on the show. Job well done, guys.

The Case

Human remains are found inside the "World's Largest" chocolate bar at the Walpert Chocolate Factory. Although most of the tissue has decomposed into one disgusting liquid, Angela is able to do a facial reconstruction which later identifies the victim as Harriet Soloway.  

After locating her sister, Geneva, and bringing her in for questioning, Booth and Brennan learn that Harriet had fabricated every resume she had ever written and had taken almost every job under the sun. As it turns out, she was actually hired in an act of corporate espionage by a company that had been trying to buy out Walpert Chocolate for years.  

Upon discovering what she was really up to, Scott Kimper, the chief chocolate engineer behind the enormous Walpert chocolate bar, killed Harriet by holding her down in the chocolate and strangling her before it solidified. Apparently, Scott had left his wife for Harriet because he thought he truly loved her, but when he found out what she had done, it just became too much for him and he snapped. Death by chocolate ... not exactly the greatest love story ever told.

Michelle's Going to College

I can't believe it's already that time (and apparently neither can Cam), but it seems as though Michelle has got it already figured out. Yes, that's right: She will be following her boyfriend to Central Maine State University. Always a wise decision, right?  

Well, we can't really blame her because we know she's young and in love, but Cam, trying to be a good mom, decides to take matters into her own hands by filling out other applications for her daughter just in case she changes her mind (which she is so fervently hoping she does). Oh, the joys of motherhood. 

Hodgins, unable to keep the fact that Angela is pregnant a "secret" any longer, decides to invite everyone to the Founding Fathers after work to make the announcement. However, he is not aware that everyone already knows, so Angela tries to make sure that everyone will act surprised when he tells them.

But, being the genius that Hodgins is, he figures out that everyone already knew, and instead of getting angry, he is just happy to be sharing that moment with his friends, and this once again shows us what a great father he is going to be for his child. Much love to you, Hodgins!  

Always about Jeopardy

Vincent Nigel-Murray made his return to the Jeffersonian on this week's episode of Bones, and I have to say that I think it was one of my favorites with him in it. I loved how he wouldn't ever stop talking about his time on Jeopardy, while in typical Vincent fashion constantly overloading people with random facts that they didn't want to know.  

Also, I found it hysterical that he confessed that he squandered away his Jeopardy winnings and even did a little stint in rehab. I mean, can you imagine Vincent in rehab? Priceless. It's hard to say definitively, but I think he may be my favorite Squintern.


Once again, my friends, no Hannah! And just like that, it was like we were back to the Booth and Brennan from season 5 ... well, almost. The "Yowza" exchange between Booth and Brennan was definitely in keeping with their traditional rapport, but one thing that I really didn't like was the fact that Booth skipped out on the baby announcement just so that he could go home and hook up with Hannah.  

See, the thing that bothers me about Hannah is that she is turning our beloved Booth into someone we clearly know he's not. I feel like the old Booth would have never skipped out on his friends like that! Yet, conversely, I do believe that Hannah's presence is bringing out the best in Brennan so that's definitely a good thing.

Still, overall, I still feel like the negatives of Hannah ultimately outrank the positives, so I vote that she gets the boot ... and soon. Now, of course, that is my bias talking, so I want to know what you guys think. How do you think this will all play out? Comment below!

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