'Bones' Binge-Watch: The 7 Saddest Episodes of All Time
'Bones' Binge-Watch: The 7 Saddest Episodes of All Time
Kartik Chainani
Kartik Chainani
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
How is it possible that after 12 seasons on the air, Bones still has the ability to totally and completely emotionally drain us? Any true fans of the FOX dramedy can point to the first time they cried watching this show, and its final season isn't pulling any gut-punches. Bust out your tissues, because we're about to look back at seven Bones episodes that brought us to tears.

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1. "Aliens in a Spaceship" (Season 2, Episode 9)

When Booth discovers that Brennan has been buried alive with Hodgins, panic sets in. As the team starts to run out of time, they desperately try to make sense of the only text message Brennan and Hodgins were able to get out. Not only did this episode make us cry because of how scary the situation was becoming for these two, but Hodgins' moment with Angela was so beautiful that we can't stop watching it.

2. "The Pain in the Heart" (Season 3, Episode 15)

It was heartbreaking when Dr. Zack Addy admitted to being the Gormogon's assistant. After ending up in the hospital because of an experiment he was running with Hodgins, Zack's lies come to the surface. After the crew pieces together that Zack was involved with the Gormogon's horrific acts, he gives a confession that crushed us all.

3. "The Hole in the Heart" (Season 6, Episode 22)

In Vincent Nigel-Murray's final appearance in Bones, the writers killed him in one of the most tragic deaths we've seen. Vincent literally begs for salvation after being shot in the Jeffersonian. Booth and Brennan try everything they can, but ultimately, nothing could save him. Ryan Cartwright's performance in Vincent's final moments will yank on your heartstrings every time.

4. "The Recluse in the Recliner" (Season 9, Episode 24)

In the season 9 finale, our hearts stopped when Bones scared us by almost killing off Booth. Adrenaline was pumping in every viewer as Booth realized what was happening and begged his wife to take the kids and go before anything bad happened to them. He ended up getting shot several times, and just as the shooter is honing in to finish Booth off, Brennan takes him out. We go from fear in this scene to straight up bawling with Brennan in the hospital as officials have to drag her away from her dying husband.

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5. "The Conspiracy in the Corpse" (Season 10, Episode 1)

Sweets was, without a doubt, one of the best characters Bones has ever had. His death is still affecting us to this day. In the season 10 opener, Booth is locked up for killing three FBI agents (something he isn't guilty of), as his team tries to figure out who is framing him. As if the shock of our beloved Sweets getting offed in the parking lot at the end of this episode wasn't enough, his final words of optimism to Brennan summed his character up so well that we couldn't bear it -- "the world's a lot better than you think it is."

6. "The Secret in the Siege" (Season 8, Episode 24)

After seasons of back and forth between Booth and Brennan, Brennan gives a beautiful monologue about being afraid and stubborn in love. She admits she finally feels ready for marriage and to share her love for Booth with the world. But of course, things aren't smooth sailing from there. Though Booth is over the moon about their engagement, he is forced to turn her down under threat of five innocent people's deaths by Pelant. He has to break Brennan's heart without giving her a proper explanation. This was frustratingly upsetting to watch.

7. "The Scare in the Score" (Season 12, Episode 7)

This one hit home for Brennan as much as it did for us. After her father, Max, hid a particularly serious medical procedure from her, she was left without trust in his word or his mortality. This is occurring at the same time that a string of deaths connected to Booth's army unit occur, leading the team to believe someone is out to get vengeance on Booth. They were right, and Max Keenan was the last of the casualties in the war against Booth. He had just executed a counter-strike against the team after finding out they were sent to kill his grandchildren (Booth and Brennan's kids), and ends up getting fatally wounded saving their lives. He shares with Brennan a dream he once had of him, her, Russ and their mother before passing away. Cue the tears for this completely unexpected death.

Which of these episodes affected you the most? Can you think of any other tearjerker Bones episodes that belong on this list? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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