Bones: A Fist Fight Between Wendell and Hodgins?
Bones: A Fist Fight Between Wendell and Hodgins?
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Since it will take forever for fans to witness a romantic affair between Booth and Brennan, viewers are likely to focus on the next best thing on Bones: the Wendell-Angela-Hodgins triangle. And if people behind the show want to rouse fans even more, then a fist fight is the way to go.

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Here's a little background, in case you're behind on Bones: Angela broke her almost six-month period of celibacy by sleeping with intern Wendell, and later took a pregnancy test which turned out positive. Hodgins then learned of her pregnancy and finally professed his love for Angela, telling her that even though Wendell is a good guy, he will always be there for her in any way. Later, however, it was revealed that the test was a false positive and that Angela was not pregnant.

According to Michael Terry (Wendell), though he's not sure what will happen between his character and Angela in the long term future, he's pretty sure it'll make for great TV. For now, he's hoping for some conflict between Wendell and Hodgins.

"T.J. [Thyne, who plays Hodgins] and I were talking about that... we wanted like a big fight through the lab where beakers are crashing," Terry tells "I think that would be really good. Get a little aggression out, you know?"

Meanwhile, Terry is preparing for the worse when it comes to Bones fans' negative reactions.

"I'm already prepared for that because I know that everyone loves 'Hodgela.' You know, Angela and Hodgins together...You don't want everybody to like you," adds Terry. "Otherwise, it's boring. You know, I think that you need some people hating you and some people liking you. So fans can get on either side and hopefully my side will be bigger!"

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