At Long Last, 'Bones' and Booth Finally Kiss
At Long Last, 'Bones' and Booth Finally Kiss
It took just a little over two seasons but the much awaited romantic connection between Bones lead characters Dr. Temperance Brennan and Agent Seeley Booth finally took corporeal form last week via a first kiss.  Nearly two months ago, we reported on what Bones star Emily Deschanel thought about her character and that of David Boreanaz's getting together beyond a mere professional relationship.

While she herself acknowledged that Bones should, in fact, pair up with Booth, she also pointed out the danger of consummating their chemistry too soon.  In many cases, when the lead characters of a show finally get together romantically, the sexual tension that adds to the program's draw eventually fizzles and leads to the series' downfall.  Fortunately for Bones, last week's liplock was delivered with just the right amount of thrill for eager viewers, without necessarily milking the onscreen chemistry to exhaustion.

According to Boreanaz, last week's kiss was timed deliberately, allowing a slow romantic build-up to transpire between Bones and Booth.  He notes that it's better than "having them start the series by sleeping together and then saying, 'Where do we go from there?' “

"It has taken time for them to get over some obstacles so we can get to some of the crazy stuff," Boreanaz added during a conversation with USA Today last week.  "It gives back to the audience what they have wanted for the past two seasons in a way that is smart and a win-win for everybody."

For her part, Deschanel remarked that initially, they were somewhat conned into locking lips but as the kiss went on, it became more voluntary and spontaneous.

"We kind of get blackmailed into kissing, but we linger maybe a little bit longer than we have to," the actress who essays the role of Bones said.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: USA Today
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