Andy Richter Digs Up Some 'Bones' in Circus Episode
Andy Richter Digs Up Some 'Bones' in Circus Episode
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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Last week's episode of Bones had Booth and Brennan investigating a body they found in the Chesapeake Bay.  When they got there, they only found the upper torso, rendering the whole thing very difficult to start probing, save for the victim's breast implants.  Their search led the two to a small Maryland church, where they learned that the victim was a pastor.  Now after finding the rest of the body, they realized they've been wrong all along.

Now, the next episode of Bones will not air until November 5, but it sounds very exciting.  A suspect would reveal that she's a lesbian and she used to be in a romantic relationship with someone in the lab.  To satiate every Bones fans' craving for some Bones development, Entertainment Weekly reports that comedian and Conan O'Brien sidekick Andy Richter will guest-star in an upcoming episode of the Fox series set to air in January.

Regarding the episode itself, it will take viewers to the circus!  Booth and Brennan will work undercover as a knife-throwing team named Buck and Wanda, and the two will work under Richter, who will portray the circus' owner-ringmaster.  This is going to be interesting, with the creepy clowns and everything confronting Booth.  It sounds like a nifty episode.

Last week, Bones dominated its Wednesday 8pm timeslot with 10.3 million viewers, beating out the CBS comedies The New Adventures of Old Christine with 7.7 million and Gary Unmarried with 7.4 million.

Richter, 41, is best known for being O'Brien's trusty sidekick on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.  After leaving the show, he went on to star on his own sitcom Andy Richter Controls the Universe, which was canceled after two mid-season runs.  His next series Quintuplets lasted for one reason. He also had guest appearances in episodes of a whole bunch of series, namely Malcolm in the Middle, Arrested Development, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Monk, Just Shoot Me, and more recently 30 Rock.

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