6 Things to Know About the 'Bones' Season 8 Finale
6 Things to Know About the 'Bones' Season 8 Finale
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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The Bones season 8 finale airs on Monday, April 29. The episode is called "The Secret in the Siege" and BuddyTV was on the line when star Emily Deschanel teased what fans can expect when Pelant returns.

Here's what you need to know about the Bones season 8 finale according to Deschanel.

Pelant has set his sights on Booth

Yes, Pelant is back in this one and now that he's already gone after Brennan and Hodgins, he's set his sight someone new: Booth. 

"In this episode, Pelant returns.  Obviously the last time we saw him, Booth had injured him.  He shot him.  So, it seems at this point, Pelant has set his sights on Booth.  Before, as you recall last season, he seemed to be targeting Brennan.  It's very close to home involving the FBI and a case Booth is involved with, and so, it feels like it's very targeted towards Booth and of course that's terrifying to Brennan because she realizes that Pelant could get him, that Booth is in danger, and Pelant hasn't gotten to any of us yet on the team.  He hasn't really hurt us, but he's really taking it up a notch this episode, and you'll see how he affects their lives." Deschanel said. 

Brennan will go farther than ever to protect someone she loves (could it be Booth?)

In last week's episode, "The Pathos in the Pathogens," we saw just how far Brennan is willing to go in order to protect those people she cares about. In the finale, she'll go even farther. 

"As you see in this coming-up episode, Brennan is willing to go farther than she's ever gone to protect somebody that she loves, and I think there's really no bounds to her protecting [them]. So, you saw that she's willing to go pretty far to save someone that she loves, and now, you'll see that she'll do the same for other people that she loves to protect them, to protect her life with them.  I'll leave it at that." Deschanel teased.  

Pelant's actions will affect Booth and Brennan's relationship

Booth and Brennan have had a lot of moments this season where they've had to take a closer look at their relationship, such as attending Booth's mother's wedding and visiting a jewelry story together. In the finale, it sounds like Brennan will be examining the status of their relationship once again. 

"Brennan's always been this person who said 'I'd never have children, I'm not going to get married, I'm not interested in that,' and she's kind of going along, but she's not forced to really examine her life in that way and her relationships.  So, when this happens with Pelant, it really forces her to look at her life and herself and her relationships and her feelings and why she feels certain ways about certain things and make her questions some of her core beliefs.  It's a very pivotal time for her.  Brennan -- when she thinks about Booth and Brennan's relationship --  [she is] thinking about things in that way, but I think that Pelant kind of makes things happen more quickly and maybe in a more intense way." Deschanel said.  

Pelant's return will affect Sweets

Sweets has moved out of Booth and Brennan's house, which would suggest that he would be somewhat safe if Pelant is going after Booth. But apparently that is not so. 

"[Pelant] is not just killing some person at random.  There's a reason he's chosen the victims he's chosen. There's a reason he's killed them in the way he has, and there's a meaning behind it.  It affects not only Booth at the FBI. It affects Sweets. Pelant is targeting Booth, but it's affecting Sweets as well, and Pelant has taken information that he's learned from Sweets and is toying with him as well while he's on this killing rampage." Deschanel said. 

Pelant may have multiple victims and an accomplice

Pelant has already proven how dangerously intelligent his is, but it looks like we're going to see even more of that cleverness in this episode. 

"We may see multiple victims in this episode from Pelant.  It actually feels more targeted toward the FBI than the Jeffersonian, but of course, we're partners with the FBI as a whole and then Booth being Brennan's partner in life and in their work. It's really FBI, but we are working feverishly to solve this case, to find Pelant, to stop him however possible, to figure out what he's doing because he always has a hidden agenda as we've learned. So, Pelant also in this instance may be involving other people in his plot.  We're trying to investigate and figure out how he's doing it, and so, it gets scary when he's probably recruiting other people to do work for him."

Pelant could be caught by the end of the episode, but he'll also be in season 9

Pelant may be the most intelligent criminal that the team has gone after so far, but that doesn't mean they may not catch him in the finale. Though catching him may not mean that his story will be over either. 

"There will be some closure [to the Pelant story], but the story is definitely ongoing.  That's kind of a tricky answer, but I don't know how better to answer it.  The story continues into next season.  That's not to say that we haven't captured him in some way by the end of this season, but with Pelant, it's never as simple as we think as we've learned.  He's changed his complete identity.  He's very tricky.  He's very wily in his ways.  So, the story does continue with Pelant into season nine."

What do you think now that you know more about the Bones season 8 finale from Emily Deschanel? What part of the story has you the most excited or nervous?

Bones airs on Monday nights at 8pm on FOX. 

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