Why Jefferson Is Addicted to Power but Not His Powers on 'Black Lightning'
Why Jefferson Is Addicted to Power but Not His Powers on 'Black Lightning'
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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The question of addiction to power has been raised on Black Lightning. Lynn is certain that her husband is addicted to his powers and it is destroying him. However, Jefferson and Peter both think she has nothing to worry about. The latest episode, "Black Jesus," hinted that it may not be his powers that he's addicted to, but the power of being Black Lightning.

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He Was Overly Excited About His New Gadgets

Jefferson has gained new tools over the last couple of weeks. The gadgets, developed by Peter Gambi, have been extremely useful to help him carry out his tasks. Each episode he has shown his excitement, but that reached a possible foreshadowing moment in the latest episode. He was overly excited about the electric-field glasses that allowed him to see into the trucks and more.

It hints that it's the power of being Black Lightning that he is addicted to. He can't get enough of being superior compared to everyone else. This could start to get dangerous, as he deals with higher members of The 100 Gang.

He Has a Superiority Complex

Throughout the episode it was clear that he believes he is superior to others because of his powers. While he has never said this outright, he was extremely proud of Anissa for her views about Black Lightning's abilities and the actions he's taking on the streets. He couldn't help but snigger when she brought up how bad the police have been in dealing with The 100 Gang.

However, this hints at a superiority complex. While on the surface it was just Anissa making a point about abilities, Jefferson has started to feel the need to save everyone again. He put off a task to take care of the loud explosions in another part of the city. There was this need to save immediately, rather than look at the long-term gains of taking down the drug ring.

Throughout his retirement as Black Lightning, he was able to allow the police to deal with the situations at hand. Since choosing to step back into the role of "hero," he has taken more situations on and started to view himself as the only protection the streets have. This could get worse, putting him in more danger to the point that he's potentially gravely injured again.

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He's Just Doing What He Believes Is Right

Of course, there's also the view that he's not addicted to anything. It's not that he can't stop, but that he wants to do what is right. Anissa pointed out during dinner that if someone had the type of powers Black Lightning has then they have a duty to protect innocent people. That's just what Jefferson is doing and he has stated he just wants to keep the streets safe.

There is nothing wrong with him protecting innocent people right now. However, there's a fine line between saving innocent people and taking the law into his own hands. An addiction to power could see him do the latter.

Do you think Jefferson is addicted to power? Is he just being the hero the streets need right now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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