'Bionic Woman' in Limbo, Sackhoff Staying Put and Ryan Dating Wilson?
'Bionic Woman' in Limbo, Sackhoff Staying Put and Ryan Dating Wilson?
As rumors swirl that Michelle Ryan may be the latest apple of Owen Wilson's eye, her freshman show Bionic Woman remains in limbo thanks to plummeting ratings and the ongoing writers' strike.  Despite its uncertain future however, one of the show's mainstays claims she is prepared to stick it out in case the series does manage to hang on for dear life.

Unless the writers' guild walkout is resolved soon, chances are dim that Bionic Woman will carry on.  The show was among the earliest to shut down work after the strike commenced five weeks ago.

Next month, Law & Order will take the place of Bionic Woman on Wednesday nights at 9.  On January 2, the first and original of the Law & Order franchise returns via a two-hour premiere of its 18th season.  The following week, repeats of one of its spin-offs, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, will fill in the 9pm slot, followed by Law & Order at 10pm.  At this point, NBC has kept silent on the fate of Bionic Woman, whose ratings have steadily dropped over the weeks.

Despite the uncertainty of the show's future, Battlestar Galactica stalwart Katee Sackhoff has expressed her commitment to the series, telling TV Guide that she fully intends to stay on.  She also addressed rumors claiming that she and Michelle Ryan have found it difficult to work together.

"I have no plans to leave Bionic Woman, and Michelle Ryan is doing a great job," Sackhoff said.  "There's not one ounce of bad blood between us."

In other news, film star Owen Wilson has reportedly taken a fancy for Bionic Woman's Michelle Ryan.  The pair was allegedly spotted dining together at Nobu in Los Angeles, as well as bodyboarding on the beach.

A source reportedly told Britain's The Sun that “Michelle's one of the few women in Hollywood who looks like herself and hasn't had loads of work done.  She's refreshingly natural.  She's also pretty innocent about how this whole town works, which Owen finds endearing.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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