Bionic Woman: Episode 1.3 "Sisterhood" - Spoiler Clips
Bionic Woman: Episode 1.3 "Sisterhood" - Spoiler Clips
Bionic Woman “Sisterhood” premieres tonight, theme heavy title and all.  The episode seems to really portray a multi-layered approach to the character treatment, morphing the concept of sisterhood across the lines of biology and into the congruous area of captive similarity that exists between Jamie Sommers (Michelle Ryan) and Sarah Corvus (Katee Sackhoff).   After a second episode that left some early pundits scratching their heads, a dense character piece could be the shot in the arm the series needs as its production team scrambles to find an identity.  Beware, this article contains clips that reveal major plot details from tonight's episode.

The first scene is a big whoa.  Pope has apparently set up a meeting between Jamie and Sarah Corvus.  Pope explains the underlying the circumstances behind the meeting, along with revealing a bit of Sarah's origins.

The next scene is a bit of a flashback piece with the original Bionic Woman, Sarah, revealing to Jamie that Will brought Sarah back from the dead.  Is it an elaborate mind game?   Imagine the connotations here, both Sarah and Jamie involuntarily changed by Will, now living with the inescapable ramifications of those changes

Next up is a scene with the incomparable Mark Sheppard giving us a more meaty representation of the villainous Anthros than what we saw in the pilot.  I'm having a hard time reconciling this guy as Will's father, but it seems to be the intent of the show to gradually show us that Will wasn't who we thought he was after all.

And finally, the most natural layer of this motif of sisterisms, Jamie and Becca.  I was a bit put off by the change to Becca from Rebellious goth/deaf chick to computer hacking hottie, but I have to admit the interplay between the actresses is contagious. 

There you have it, spoilerific moments for sure, and a lot of very good reasons to tune in to tonight's episode of Bionic Woman.  Join me back here after the show for a recap of “Sisterhood.”

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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