Big Love: Preview of Episode 3.4 "On Trial"
Big Love: Preview of Episode 3.4 "On Trial"
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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The Henricksons are back with another episode of Big Love.  In tonight's installment, Nicki (Chloe Sevigny) struggles with her devotion to her father and commitment to Bill (Bill Paxton), who is urging the DA to offer protective custody to witnesses Kathy and Rhonda, as Roman's trial looms.

Last time we saw Big Love, Bill convinced Rhonda to leave town, warning her that she'll lose any chance at a civil case against Roman if she testifies in Roman's criminal case.  Ana told Bill that she was willing to call it off with Matt, a man she was seeing while they were “off and on,” buy she ended up seducing her.  As a result, Bill cut things off with Ana while Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) let Ana have it for cheating on all of them with Matt.  In attempt to squash Cindy's anti-gaming crusade, Bill enlisted Ted's help but despite all their efforts, Cindy refused to back down.  At work, Nicki discovered that Kathy is the last Jane Doe so she confronted Wanda that she has to stop Kathy from testifying and that no one can know that Nicki was the one who found out the truth.  Unfortunately, Roman's defense team got the Jane Doe names released to the public so Kathy's secret is out.  On the other hand, Lois fed Frank his last meal before putting a plastic bag over his head to choke him, while Bill confided to Barb that they have to stand up against him at any cost.  As for Sarah, she confessed to Ben that she's pregnant.

The drama continues with tonight episode called “On Trial” in which Bill offers up an olive branch to Alby in attempt to get him to break ranks with Roman.  Meanwhile, a distressed Sarah starts pondering on her prospects but discards the opinion of brother Ben, and Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) takes on a new look in the aftermath of her mother's death.

Troubled about the family finances, Barb hits up her mother Nancy for a handout.  As the episode comes to a close, Bill surprises Ana and Nancy with a bold proposal that could change the reputation of his family forever while Roman finally has his day in court.

Big Love airs tonight at 9pm on HBO.

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