The Inherent Anti-Climax of a 'Big Brother' Finale
The Inherent Anti-Climax of a 'Big Brother' Finale
The final day of Big Brother 10 is here.  How does it feel, fans?  One of the myriad ways reality TV is different than scripted TV is that reality finales are rarely the highlight of the season, while scripted season finales are typically a culmination of the entire season.  For reality television, the journey is more fun than the ultimate destination.  Tonight's Big Brother 10 finale will no doubt be entertaining (the jury questions alone are worth tuning in), but when it comes to who actually ends up winning the $500,000, I find myself rather indifferent.  Perhaps you are different, and currently find yourself on pins and needles as the jury's verdict hangs in the balance.  However, I'd wager that this is more the exception than the rule when it comes to Big Brother fans.

The problem going into the Big Brother 10 finale is that it's quite difficult to get excited about a rooting interest.  Dan and Memphis were a team all season.  If you were rooting for them to succeed all summer, you can't just turn around and hate one of them when they became the final two.  Conversely, if you were rooting against Dan and Memphis all season, you probably don't give a hoot who wins the money. 

How you feel about the finale, who you are rooting for, what your level of excitement is going into the finale probably hinges on how you feel about Dan.  If you think he's played a great game and greatly out-shined Memphis all season, you're probably very much in Dan's corner.  Still, even if you're rooting for Dan tonight, it's hard to root against Memphis.  He wasn't a floater, he wasn't an idiot, and he was a full partner in the Renegade alliance.  If you hate Dan for what you might view as under-handed, devious game play, I can't imagine you like Memphis much better, who was a co-conspirator in almost all of it. 

I really don't care who wins the grand prize tonight, try as I might.  I'm happy for both of the guys, and will be pleased no matter who wins.  I do think Dan played a great game, and a risky one, and perhaps deserves it more.  However, the more I think about it, the more I think that Memphis actually played a smarter game.  Dan made a lot of moves, but some were probably unnecessary.  Memphis played an incredibly efficient game, only acting rashly when absolutely necessary. When it comes down to it, both Renegades are deserving of the win and, therefore, it's hard to get excited about the results of tonight's finale.  If it were Keesha vs. April or Renny vs. Jerry or Ollie vs. Dan, then I'd be excited.  Unfortunately, our finalists are alliance members and generally likable, a perfect recipe for an anti-climactic finale.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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