Tex's Take: BB8 Week 7 Preview, Daniele wins her 2nd HoH
Tex's Take:  BB8 Week 7 Preview,  Daniele wins her 2nd HoH
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Things could not have worked out better for the Donatos in the Big Brother house this week. They both go on the block, but neither goes home, then Daniele wins Head of Household. Whatever else I might say about Daniele, the girl is here to play. This is her 2nd HoH and she's also won two Power of Veto competitions. This win is a great early 21st birthday present.

OK, I have to admit to laughing at the shock on Dustin's face when Julie said, “By a vote of 4-2 .... Dustin .... YOU are evicted from the Big Brother House.” It would have been better had he worn his king robe and crown as he said he would. His arrogance truly did do him in. What kind of idiot volunteers to go on the block?

It was fun to see a little bit of the Wednesday morning festivities. So everything didn't go together as pieces of a puzzle, but they had to remember things. I knew Daniele would do well, she put a lot of time trying to work out what she thought were clues. And as upset as Amber was, I really didn't expect her to do as well as she did. One playing card is going to make all the difference in the week. Amber answered True when Julie asked if the Mad Hatter had seven cards on his hat. It was false, there were only six cards.

Now that Daniele has won, who will she nominate? Last night she said that if she won, she'd put up Amber and Jameka and try to backdoor Jen. She's obsessed with backdooring Jen. This was her first thought to do when she won the last time. Then the Eric banner sidetracked her. Jen will be so hurt when it happens. I think she really believes that she has an alliance with Daniele.

Jen is such a nut. She's been showing more and more personality. She got up in the middle of the night and started hiding things in the house. She wanted to see who would notice and what they'd do. Zach was the first to notice things missing and they all thought Big Brother was doing it for a competition. Finally someone jokingly asked Jen if she was the one taking things and she just could not lie. She fell over laughing and the jig was up.

The houseguests need to remember that it's a new ballgame now. Everyone they evict will be on the jury. They don't want to burn too many bridges. The people they screw over and backstab now, may be the ones to deny them the win later. Hope they've all practiced killing with kindness.

I've been wondering, though, how this America's Player thing will run the course. If Eric is on the jury, America decides who he votes for. If he wins the final three Head of Household, will America get to choose who he takes with him to F2? But what happens if he is in the final two? Will he be allowed to win? Does his status as America's Player give him an unfair advantage? Actually, the past couple of weeks I've thought that his status has given him an unfair disadvantage.

Anyway, it should be a relatively quiet week. Wait ... I said that last week, didn't I? OK, um, Dick more than likely won't be nominated, so he should be pretty mellow. I hope he doesn't taunt Jameka or Amber. It's been nice having him calm. But we can't rely on his continued good behavior. I know Daniele told him to cool out last week, but I'm not sure if she'll give him free reign now.

An Amber/Jameka nomination will probably not cause many fireworks. I can see them separating themselves and doing more reading and praying. Amber will probably turn on the waterworks, but will think she is safe because she thinks everyone loves her. If the final nominations turn out to be Amber/Jameka, I see Amber leaving since Jameka can't participate in HoH, and is therefore no threat to the other group.

Tomorrow should be food competition and nominations and Saturday they'll play for the Power of Veto. We'll see how calm and quiet the house will be and if they will just relax and have fun. Until next time, catch y'all in the forums.

--Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator
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