Is Natalie the Most Hated 'Big Brother' HG Ever?
Is Natalie the Most Hated 'Big Brother' HG Ever?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This season of Big Brother has seen plenty of villains.  Ronnie the Rat was the bane of many fans, America turned on Jessie as soon as we got the chance to vote for the Coup d'Etat, and Chima's general insanity was very annoying.  But through it all, Natalie remains, and viewers are reaching new levels of hatred.

Normally, the most hated Big Brother HG is also one of the most loved.  Fans were split about 50/50 on Evel Dick Donato: some people loved him, others couldn't stand him.  But Natalie is not in that league.  Natalie isn't a "love her or hate her" kind of person, she's just a "hate her."

For me, this hatred stems from her hypocritical self-righteousness.  She laments every time someone does something dishonest to her, yet she's made a habit of lying in this game, starting from the very beginning when she told everyone she was 18.  That's perfectly fine, but only if it comes with a certain amount of humility.

Russell, for instance, was a giant bully, but when he "got got" he exited with grace and showed a ton of respect for how he was evicted.  Jessie also admitted that when Jeff used the Coup d'Etat to evict him, it was his best move, and last week Jessie showed a willingness to vote for Jeff to win, should he make it to the finale.

The problem with Natalie is that she doesn't seem to get this distinction.  She's admitted (in confessionals) that she targeted Jeff as vengeance for Jessie, and she targeted Michele because she doesn't like her as a person.  Those are not valid or logical reasons in Big Brother.

She lies for no reason without thinking, and only because there were a number of people who were louder and more annoying than her, she was allowed to survive long enough to benefit from the random luck of the draw that gave her and Kevin back-to-back HoH wins at the very end.

At first, I thought I was in a vocal minority or, more likely, an overwhelming majority.  But not until today did I realize how unanimous this hatred for Natalie is.  In a poll, I asked you, the fans, who you would like to see win Big Brother 11 and more than 1,100 people responded.  A massive 85 percent chose Jordan (most likely because she's the lesser of three evils), and another 14 percent went with Kevin (the lesser of two evils, assuming you forget that Jordan is even playing).

That leaves just 1 percent for Natalie.  That boils down to around 11 people, with a margin of error of about 5.  It's not that she was sneaky and underhanded and played the game dirty.  In fact, those people are usually the ones the fans love.

It's that people genuinely dislike Natalie.  She is nowhere near as nice as she may thinks she is, she's certainly not as smart as she thinks she is, and she's not as great at manipulating people as she thinks she is.  If she wins, fans won't be angry that the villain won, they'll be angry that a delusional, self-righteous, idiotic hypocrite won.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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