'Big Brother' on YouTube: Parodies, Nick Uhas' Fun Facts and More
'Big Brother' on YouTube: Parodies, Nick Uhas' Fun Facts and More
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Do you like Big Brother 16, but wish there was more than just 24/7 live feeds, three episodes per week and Big Brother: After Dark on TVGN? Well, YouTube is the answer. From a spot-on parody by a former HG to fascinating facts about the show's history to a past connection between a new HGa and one from last year, here are three fun Big Brother-related YouTube videos.

Nickipedia: Top 12 Facts About Big Brother

Big Brother 15 HG Nick Uhas has his own YouTube channel called Nickipedia where he posts crazy yet incredibly informative videos about everything from why the sky is blue to fun facts about volcanoes. His latest installment tells you everything you need to know about the origin and history of Big Brother across the world. It's full of cool tidbits about the longest season ever and the game's popularity and longevity in other countries.

Nick + Frankie

As an added bonus, last year and this year of Big Brother actually collided six months ago when Nick showed up on current HG Frankie Grande's YouTube channel for something called "Topless Tuesday." That's right, it's an entire video of Frankie and Nick going shirtless and a whole lot of Frankie fondling Nick's chest. Enjoy.

Wil Heuser's Big Brother 16: The Saga

If you're looking for something on the funnier side, Big Brother 14 HG Wil Heuser is once again doing a weekly series of YouTube videos parodying the events of this season's HGs, with Wil playing all of them. He did it last season, getting plenty of mileage out of the racism controversy, and this year he kicked off with a rather perfect skewering of many of the new HGs and a catchy song.

Highlights include his impressions of Zach the dick, Ariana Grande's brother, Jocasta the bow-tied minister, Christine "I Like Being Naked" Brecht and, as always, his glorious Julie Chen. It's certainly worth checking out, and he promises to deliver new installments of The Saga every Monday.

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