'Big Brother' Officially Renewed for Season 15
'Big Brother' Officially Renewed for Season 15
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
For the past few episodes Big Brother has aired commercials for casting next summer's season, but now we know that those are for real. Today CBS officially renewed Big Brother for a 15th season, to air next summer.

Of course we won't know for a long, long time what twists Big Brother 15 will have in store. Will it be a second All-Stars season (which would make all that casting nonsense pretty moot)? Will it feature a mixture of current and previous HGs like the past two seasons?

Here are five potential twists for Big Brother 15 the show might consider.

Good vs. Evil

This is an idea Ian Terry has been pitching all season long, an All-Stars season that divides the HGs into two groups. One would be good (like Jeff and Jordan) while the other would be evil (like Evel Dick). Since the show is already borrowing the mix of returning and new HGs formula from Survivor, why not a Heroes vs. Villains season?

Coaches #2

This season saw the addition of the coaches, but they came into the game. Imagine if they tried doing the coaches twist once again, only they did NOT allow them to enter the game as players? Let's see if coaches can actually coach their teams to victory.


Big Brother 9 began with the HGs competing and being evicted as couples, but it was a relative failure. What if they did that again, only this time they could use actual couples and mix them with a few All-Star couples (Shane and Danielle, etc).

CBS Reality Rumble

This season, Russell Hantz's brother competed on Big Brother, and I've always maintained that I would love to see all three of the network's big reality shows (Big Brother, Survivor and The Amazing Race) face off against each other. Houseguests like to talk about whether Big Brother is harder than Survivor or The Amazing Race. Bringing in five memorable players from each of the three shows to compete against each other would make for a very entertaining season.

Or, if it seems too unfair to let former Big Brother HGs play on their home turf, maybe just do an all-Survivor group of HGs, assuming they could get enough who would be willing to do it. On the live feeds it sounded like they offered Russell Hantz a spot in the house, but since it's twice as much time and half as much money, he refused.

No Twists

Big Brother purists like myself are also rooting for a regular season where 12 or 13 total strangers move in and compete. They did it in seasons 10 and 12, so why not again?

What are you hoping for Big Brother 15? All-Stars? No stars? A mix?

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