Big Brother 8: Verizon to Air Mobile Live Feeds for Remainder of Season
Big Brother 8: Verizon to Air Mobile Live Feeds for Remainder of Season
In partnership with CBS Mobile and MediaFLO USA, Verizon announced yesterday that they will be broadcasting the Big Brother 8 live feeds 24/7 on their V Cast Mobile TV channel.  The live feeds will apparently be no different from the internet feeds, but V Cast subscribers will not have to pay any extra fee.  Anyone who is on V Cast will have full access to the Big Brother feeds.  Verizon also stated that the feeds will indeed continue uninterrupted for the rest of the Big Brother season.  Of course, this begs the question: Has the coverage of Big Brother become a little absurd?

What this announcement means is that Big Brother addicts who have V Cast (or decide now to subscribe to V Cast) will not have to miss a second of the Big Brother live feeds, even when they have to leave the house.  I think this may be a bit much.  Do fans really need to be watching Big Brother while on the bus, in the park, or wherever they are in public?  How many car accidents will occur in the next month as a result of watching Big Brother while behind the wheel?  I know how intense live feed fans can get: the more Big Brother, the better. 

That being said, it's nice for even the casual Big Brother fans to see that this season has brought new life to the very recently fledgling franchise.  Coming from a possible cancellation to where Big Brother 8 is now has been a great surprise, and you have to hand it to CBS and Alison Grodner for everything they've done with this season: Big Brother: After Dark, great casting, and shrewd marketing.  Big Brother is relevant again, and its future looks good for the first time in ages.  But, I implore all you fanatics out there not to endanger your fellow man with dangerous, mobile Big Brother viewing.  It's not worth it.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)