Big Brother 8: Ranking the Top 7 Houseguests
Big Brother 8: Ranking the Top 7 Houseguests
I don't watch the Big Brother 8 live feeds.  I try to keep up on all the big action and I know the challenge results before the episodes air, but that's about the extent of my non-television knowledge of Big Brother.  This being the case, my power rankings may skew slightly from you live feeders, but they should hopefully be pretty close.  What I'm basing the rankings on is simple: who I think has the best chance to win the whole thing. That's it.  Not who has the chance to make it to the final two, but who can win it all. 

#7: Amber Tomcavage

Amber is the dumbest player in the house.  Not to be mean, but her strategic abilities are non-existent and it's a minor miracle that she's still around.  She's not going to make it another two weeks and if she does it'll be a major coup.  Mostly, the houseguests have to be tired of her crying.  I know America is.

#6: Dick Donato

OK, this might anger some people.  Dick is this low on my rankings for one reason: he has no chance against anyone in the final vote.  Name one person in front of him on these rankings who he would beat in the final two.  Maybe Jameka, and only because he can play the “I was a better strategist” card.  But, enough sequester members hate Dick that he's going to get votes against him no matter what.  He may be in charge of the game, and there's a very good chance he'll make the final two, but he's not going to win the money.

#5: Jameka Cameron

A floater in the truest sense of the word.  Jameka has done nothing strategic all season.  She should be going home soon because the real players want all the non-players out.  She's a nice girl, but her God stuff has been a little much, especially when her and Amber question why God didn't ordain them HoH.  Unless her and Amber pull off some sort of miracle, Jameka days are numbered.

#4: Zach Swerdzewski

Zach is a likable dude who has been flying completely under the radar.  When will he be targeted, if ever?  I find it highly unlikely that Jessica will put up Zach this week considering the two are friends.  If he makes it to the final five, watch out.  He could easily join up with two others to oust one of the power couples, especially in order to get rid of the Donatos. 

#3: Eric Stein

It's tough to predict what's going to happen with America's Player.  He's close to Jessica, but reports this morning seem to indicate that Jess may be a little bit suspicious of Eric.  Regardless, he won't be going up on the block this week, but it's the week after he has to be worried about.  If his alliance with Jessica, Daniele and Dick makes it to the final four, it becomes a relative crap shoot.  At that point, things get really interesting when you consider America's vote, which could have monstrous repercussions.

#2: Daniele Donato

Here are the facts: Dani is the best challenge player in the competition.  If she makes it to the final two with her father, she's going to win it all.  If she makes it to the final two with Eric, she's probably going to win.  If she makes it to the final two with Zach or Jessica, I suspect she's going to lose.  Of course, a lot of things can happen in regards to the final vote between now and then, but Daniele has a very good chance to win this entire thing.

#1: Jessica  Hughbanks

From only being a TV watcher of Big Brother, Jessica seems like a genuinely likable person.  She gets along with everyone and flies under the radar, despite being a very good challenge player.  If she makes it to t he final two, which appears to be a good possibility, I don't see anyone who will beat her in the final vote.  How could she not be number one?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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