Big Brother 8: Episode 32 - Nothing Happens
Big Brother 8: Episode 32 - Nothing Happens
Hey, it's a Big Brother clip show!  That'll get people to turn away from the Emmys.  I suppose that CBS probably realized that they might as well punt tonight's episode of Big Brother 8 since most TV viewers would be tuning into the Emmy anyway.  There was no new information tonight, only a little bit of new footage with the Donatos, but it was mostly a highlight show, going through all of the big moments of the season.  It was the old sitcom formula: have innocuous conversations that trigger flashbacks. 

I don't even know what to type in this recap, so I'll just touch on the major moments that Big Brother flashed back to.

The story of the Donatos is covered extensively in the first part of the episode.  It's actually incredible and touching to look back on the relationship Dick and Daniele had at the start of the season and see how it's evolved.  Daniele would barely talk to Dick in the beginning, let alone give him a hug.  Now, it's safe to say that the two are buddies.  There were a couple of very emotional conversations the two had that were highlighted.

Nick and Daniele: this feels like a long time ago.  Nick was a nice enough dude who had good intentions, but he laid on the flirtation incredibly thick.  Molasses thick.  We see him give the key to his heart to a perplexed Daniele.  Also, they make out under the covers.  I bet Dani's boyfriend enjoyed watching that one. 

Eric and Jessica: we see their first kiss again, as well as a long conversation about the logistics, likelihood, pros and cons of Eric moving to Kansas to be with Jessica. 

Jen: her greatest hits aren't so great.  She cries when she first sees her picture on the memory wall.  She gets into a cigarettes fight with Dick.  She gets Iced Tea poured on her by Dick. 

Amber: she cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries and then flips out on Eric.  Jameka thinks she could be a model. 

Fun times: Zach streaks, Eric wears Jessica's dress, everyone competes in silly competitions.

Dick and Daniele end the episode on the couches, discussing who might win (both think the other will win the vote) and what they'll do with the winnings (both will go on European vacations...separate of each other). 

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