Big Brother 8: Episode 32 Live Thoughts
Big Brother 8: Episode 32 Live Thoughts
As far as anyone knows, nothing is going to happen on tonight's episode of Big Brother 8.  What can happen?  Dick and Daniele Donato have made it to the final two and the jury vote isn't until Tuesday.  There is nothing left to decide and it's not like Dick and Daniele together, alone on the same house is going to provide 42 minutes of footage.  Mostly, the two just sit in silence or talk smack about their former houseguests.  What, then, will viewers see tonight on Big Brother while they DVR the Emmys?  Maybe a competition, probably some more jury house footage, and I'd guess we'll see some interviews from Dick and Daniele's family. 

(Tonight's episode is being delayed because of football.  The Live Thoughts will get going once the episode begins.)

Andy Rooney is babbling again.  He's talking about names of places.  He doesn't have a point.  Nowhere near one, in fact.  Big Brother is minutes away. 

The announcer tells us that we're going to take a look back at the best moments of the season on tonight's episode.  It's like one of those old clip shows they used to do on sitcoms.  This is annoying.

Dick gives Zach some love, says that he turned it up to 11 in those last couple weeks. 

We get more footage of Dick and Daniele celebrating their victory.  Dick talks about how this is a good start in mending him and Daniele's relationship.  Dick calls he and Daniele the best team to ever play the game. 

The two enjoy a nice sushi dinner for their victory. 

Flashback time.  We see clips, starting from their first day in the house, about the evolution of the Donatos relationship in the house.  It's kind of amazing to thin that Dani wouldn't even hug her father on that first day in the house.

They've had some pretty emotional fights.  Lots of tears from Dani.  And some from Dick.  Real intense stuff on day 23. 

Oh my God!  This is a pure clip show.  Dick will say something from the last couple days, and CBS is flashing back accordingly.  

Now it's time to see Dick's greatest verbal tirades.  He yells at Jen a lot.  The best is when Dick decides to piss everyone off so they'll vote to evict him instead of Daniele.

Now it's time to see Jameka and Amber praying a lot.  I've seen enough of this, to be honest. 

Oh, man.  Nick and Daniele highlights.  Puke-inducing.  Nick was such a cornball it was amazing.

Night-vision of Nick and Daniele making out under the covers.  

We see footage of Eric and Jess talking about Eric's possible move to Kansas.  It's amusing.  We're getting the whole Jess and Eric story.  We get to watch the awkward first kiss again, but this time set to cheesy guitar music to set the mood.   

Dick re-enacts Jen's freak-out when she sees her memory wall picture...and then we get a flashback of it.  Jen is unbelievable.  She's a crazy person.  Next, we watch the Iced Tea incident again.  And then, we watch her destroy Dick's cigarettes. 

Amber crying montage.  Just sad. 

Next, a montage of the “good times” in the house.  Zach streaks, Eric wears Jess's clothes, Jen and Eric fight.

Dick and Daniele share a tender few moments on the couch and that's how we end the episode.  So, yeah, nothing happened except for a lot of flashbacks. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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