Big Brother 8: Episode 26, Live Thoughts
Big Brother 8: Episode 26, Live Thoughts
A pivotal week in the Big Brother house.  With Zach as the Head of Household, there are a whole bunch of ways it could all play out.  Zach's nominations tonight are going to greatly impact the entire rest of the season.  Is he going to target Dick and Daniele?  Jessica and Eric?  Will he make a deal with one of the alliances?  To be honest, I'm not sure if there are any great options for Zach in regards to nominations.  He's goiung to have to make a deal with somebody.  We shall see.  I'll be here throughout the hour with updates of all tonight's Big Brother action.

Dick is pumped that Amber is gone, calling her a “bitch”.  I wouldn't go that far, but the house will be nicer without all the crying. 

This HoH competition is just obnoxious.  Since it wasn't finished by the end of the live eviction episode, we're getting the full coverage now.  Eric wasn't a big fan of the competition.  You know, someone could've easily torn their ACL trying to walk on that butter.

Eric fell a lot during the competition.  People falling are funny.  The players get the option of filling up a small beaker, first person to do it wins a phone call from home.  Eric, since he's so far behind, decides to take the phone call.  Later, the players get two cups to use, but there's a catch: for each one they use, the houseguests get one day on cold water.  Everyone takes both cups, which means everyone's on cold water for eight days.  Yikes.

Dick almost catches up with Zach near the end, but Zach gets his ball out first, winning HoH.  Eric's showing is incredibly poor. 

Dick is so pissed.  Jessica is excited about getting the phone call, she hopes it's from her brother, who should be getting back from Iraq any day.

Eric tears up after the HoH competition, really upset that he let down Jessica, who he thinks will now be nominated.

No one is at all excited to see Zach's HoH room.  Dani puts in some serious alone time Zach in the HoH, a very smart move.  She's totally honest with him, listens to him vent about her dad.  Zach isn't sure where's he going to go with the noms.

Jessica and Eric have a late-night chat session in which Eric admits to casting the lone random votes, and for spraying the mustard.  He admits that he wants to tell her that he's America's Player, but he's just not allowed.

Jessica gets her phone call and it's from her brother!  She cries a little.  It's a sweet phone call, and it just cements the fact that Jess is easily the most likable person in the Big Brother 8 house. 

America tells Eric that they want Jameka nominated.  Eric has to be loving America these days.  They are hooking him up.  Eric heads up to the HoH and does his best to convince Zach that Jameka needs to go up.  We'll see if it works.

Dani and Dick decide that their best course of action is to get Zach to put up Eric And Jessica.  Dani, in her minuscule bikini (she looks real hot), tells Zach that if neither Eric or Jess go home this week, that Zach will go home the next week.  Dani lays it on hard, putting this deal out on the table: if Zach puts up Eric and Jessica and one goes home, neither Dick or Dani will nominate him next week. Zach is non-committal.

All right, nomination time.  Dani is not worried about being nominated, nor should she be.  Jessica sees the writing on the wall, saying she has no doubts about: she will be nominated. 

Jessica and Jameka have been nominated.  And that is that.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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