Big Brother 8: Episode 21 Recap - Daniele Wins PoV, Nominates Jen in Place of Amber
Big Brother 8: Episode 21 Recap - Daniele Wins PoV, Nominates Jen in Place of Amber
CBS did an incredible job casting Big Brother 8.  I cannot stress this point enough.  The people are interesting and dynamic, unafraid to mix things up and are weirdly likable.  Take Dick and Daniele.  The estranged father/daughter storyline is great TV in and of itself, but they are both strong personalities who have polarizing qualities.  They're perfect houseguests.  Anyway, tonight's episode featured the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, as well as some CBS cross-promotion that may actually be quite effective.

Nomination Backlash of a Predictable Nature

Jameka doesn't understand why she was nominated.  She's the only one.  Daniele nominated two people who she absolutely does not want to win Head of Household and, as we saw later in the episode, provided Dani with some interesting veto options.  Amber cries a lot, and it's become unbearably old.  At one point in the Diary Room Amber talks about being strong and not crying.  However, she's crying while she says this.  Amber and Jameka are helpless at this point and the frustration is apparent anytime they talk to Jessica and Eric, their betrayers. 

America Helps a Brother Out

Eric really, really likes Jessica.  Everyone knows this.  Zach comments on how he has no game and that sometimes it's hard to watch.  I would agree.  If he had any game, he and Jessica would have shacked up by know. Anyway, the America's Player task this episode was for Eric to give a stuffed animal, provided by CBS, to a houseguest of America's choice and play it off as a special childhood relic.  Luckily for Eric, America has chosen Jessica to receive the “Woobie”.  He gives it to her late at night, and is as sweet about it as possible.  He pulls it off seamlessly, completing the task with ease and inching closer to Jessica's heart.

Cross-Promotion in the Power of Veto Comp 

Dick, Zach, and Jessica are chosen to join Daniele, Jameka and Amber in the veto competition.  The comp is eerily similar to the CBS game show Power of Ten, where contestants have to guess what percentage of America would answer a question in a certain way (For example, “What percentage of America thinks that Nick would be more fun to have a beer with than Mike?”).  After every question, whichever houseguest is furthest away from the actual percentage is eliminated.  Also, the final two contestants are promised a special trip out of the house.  Amber and Daniele make it to the final two, so they get to take the trip, which I believe they are on right now.  Daniele ends up winning the competition, further solidifying her position as best competition player this season, by far.  At the end of the episode, in the Diary Room, Amber and Daniele are told what their trip is: they'll be flown to New York via private jet and will get to be contestants on CBS's game show Power of Ten.  Funny how that works.

Wahmber Strikes a Deal

With Daniele holding Veto power, most people assume that she'll be keeping the nominations the same.  But, Dani is looking to shake things up.  She brings Amber into the HoH room in order to discuss a possible deal.  Dani goes in with the gameplan of getting Amber to agree to not nominate her next week if she becomes HoH in return for taking Amber off the block.  However, before she can offer this to Amber, Amber tells Dani that in return for being taken off the block she will vow to never nominate Dani and vote however Dani wants her to this week.

Daniele Backdoors Jen, Hey-O!

So, with Amber's deal on the table, Daniele decides to take Amber off the block and put up Jen in her place.  Jen isn't all that happy about this, obviously, but I have a feeling that it's going to be Jameka who goes home on Thursday.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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