Hell's Kitchen Season 2, Episode 3 "Nine Chefs"
Hell's Kitchen Season 2, Episode 3 "Nine Chefs"
Originally aired on Monday, June 19, 2006 Episode Rating:*** (3 out of 5 stars) Episode Overview:The men lose the cooking challenge and are put on laundry detail. Garrett makes a sexist remark, earning the scorn of Heather. Both teams again fail to complete a full service and Giacomo is sent home.

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Episode Highlights:
  • The men must clean the kitchen laundry using only their hands and washboards.
  • Garrett jokes that it should be the women at home cooking for the men and Heather goes ballistic on him.
  • The kitchen is shut down again and Giacomo is eliminated.
Recap: Following Gabe's dismissal the teams return to the house. Garrett says his nomination of Tom and Giacomo worked about as well as "a swift kick in the nuts," (which is an understatement). Next morning, the chefs reconvene in the kitchen and Chef Gordon Ramsey berates them for the communication breakdowns that have plagued both services. To improve this, each team will prepare three entrees from last night's menu, however only one chef will be in the kitchen at a time. After twenty minutes they'll switch and the chefs will have only fifteen seconds to relay the necessary info to their teammate before leaving. Tom finds some pre-made tortellini and starts cooking, angering Chef Ramsey, who wants it made from scratch. A botched communication with Rachel leaves Maribel unaware of the tortellini boiling in the pot in front of her, while on the men's side Keith inexplicably begins more tortellini. Garrett and Sara enter the kitchen and everything breaks down. Maribel still doesn't know about the missing tortellini and thanks to a mumbling Keith, Garrett starts working on a third batch of the tiny pastas. The challenge ends with the men completing three dishes to the women's two. Chef Ramsey tastes each dish and awards the challenge to the women for putting out two complete dishes to the men's incomplete three. Assistants then carry in a huge pile of laundry which the men will have to clean. By hand. Tom spends most of the cleaning time whining (shocking I know) and says the women should be the one's doing the laundry because women are better at domestic stuff than men. Not that he's sexist, he says, don't get the wrong idea. Oh heavens no Tom, how would someone get that impression? Meanwhile, the women share a leisurely lunch with Chef Ramsey (or "Gordon" as he likes to be called outside the kitchen) on a yacht. They sip champagne and Virginia is still trying to get cozy with Chef Ramsay (like that's happening). Back at the house, the men go over strategy and agree that doing laundry is the best thing that could have happened to them, which is one way of looking at it. The women return and Garrett, half-joking, tells Heather that it should be the women having food ready for the men, who immediately blows the whole thing out of proportion and stomps out in a rage. She then tries to use it as a rallying point for her team, but no one's buying it. The Chefs meet in the kitchen the next morning for service. They light the sign outside and HELL'S KITCHEN opens. Orders start pouring in and Chef Ramsey tells Keith to pull his pants up, which are currently down around his knees, because, you know, it's not good for customers to see your plumber's crack. Half hour into the service and the appetizers begin coming out; the best start so far. Then things go haywire. Giacomo's complaining one of the oven's isn't hot, because he forgot to turn it on. Chef Ramsey then calls him a donkey, which is hilarious. The women start sending out their entrees, but Giacomo is still holding up the men at the meat station. Exasperated, Chef Ramsey takes him off meats and onto fish. Tom burns his hand, but opts to stay in the kitchen and whine about it, aggravating Keith. The women have now served half their entrees, but Maribel has underestimated the number of beef wellingtons needed and service grinds to a halt. The men start pushing out entrees, Tom's still whining about his hand, Ramsey tells him to stop being a drama queen, which he is. The women are still behind on the wellingtons and the men have burned some mashed potatoes . The constant delays start to add up and patrons begin to leave. Disgusted, Chef Ramsay tells both sides to shut the kitchen down. During judging Chef Ramsey singles out Maribel, Giacomo, and Tom, as the weak links and declares the women the winners. The men now have to select two of their own up for elimination. Giacomo tells Keith that if he could rewind time he'd do better. Keith yawns. Tom says he's trying real hard, that he's an adult and not about making sad excuses. Stirring words, too bad he's saying them to a stack of empty lawn chairs. Giacomo and Tom are nominated for elimination and are each allowed to plead their case. Giacomo says he will learn from his mistakes and try harder, Tom says he should stay because he's the sharpest guy there, everyone else tries not to snicker. Chef Ramsey then eliminates Giacomo because if you can't turn on an oven then you're hopeless. Giacomo's picture is then set ablaze bringing tears to all us recapers hoping for a season full of donkey jokes. -Scott K.

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