'Big Brother 19' First Impressions of the Cast
'Big Brother 19' First Impressions of the Cast
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The new cast of Big Brother19 has been revealed and, on the live feeds, Jeff Schroeder interviewed all of the HGs, giving us our first look at what we can expect. This year features 16 brand-new HGs, with a much older cast than in recent seasons.

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Based solely on these initial interviews, here are my first impressions of all of the HGs. The interviews are all live, so I'll update as they progress.

Alex: She talks very fast and wants to align with the guys. She's very goofy and silly and didn't even know she was talking to Jeff at first. She's a little too high energy.

Cameron: He's a huge superfan who watches live feeds and follows podcasts about the show who claims he'll be the smartest guy in the house. He has a full strategy with beginning, middle and end. He has a girlfriend of 7 years, but he'll still flirt with the ladies, even though his girlfriend isn't happy about it. He thinks he's a more social and refined version of Ian or Steve.

Christmas: She does Crossfit, weightlifting, writes books and she was the first female member of a NASCAR pit crew. She was also a civilian contractor in Iraq, but she's also a little girly. She calls herself (and her dog) a beast and a diva. She's funny and charming.

Cody: He's a salesman from Texas and seems very generic. He says that showmances are dumb and he wants to win the first competition to open doors. He wants to align with strong people. He has a 5-year-old daughter, he doesn't cry and he wants to win.

Dominique: She calls herself "Dominique the Dominator" and she's very outgoing, wearing her emotions on her face. She seems very confident and loves talking, but not too knowledgeable about the game. She's a spoken word poet who also seem to be quite religious.

Elena: She's a radio personality who wants to be charming and likeable. She's pleasant enough, but not very exciting or interesting. She says she's equal parts abrasive and charming.

Jason: He's a rodeo clown who goes by the name Whistlenut. He's the only one who admits to not knowing anything about the show. He's married with a son and is very excited to have this experience. If he wins, he'll spend the money on a helicopter to fly his bull around to rodeo shows.

Jessica: She wants to be Miss Congeniality and the life of the party. She doesn't want a showmance, she wants to win this year and come back next season for All-Stars and win again. But she also wants America to love her and vote for her as Fan Favorite.

Jillian: She sells time shares and seemed very low-energy in the interview. She said, "You know, like, so, maybe" a lot. She recently had weight-loss surgery and has lost 50 pounds since January. She seemed a tad scattered and bland.

Josh: He's 23 and a hustler, a Cuban businessman who has been a big fan since season 14 and even watches international seasons. He has a big personality and cursed repeatedly during his interview, despite Jeff telling him not to do it. He'll be ruthless and he's a bit impulsive and wild.

Kevin: He's been married for 31 years and has seven kids, with six daughters. He very awkwardly gave individual shout-outs to each of his kids, telling us all about them. He was very laid back and low key. It was a little uncomfortable and he felt out of place.

Mark: He was a football player who turned into a personal trainer. He's a hulking beast of a man, but he's a big teddy bear. His downfall might be falling for a girl.

Matthew: He seems like a real guys' guy, a chill dude, talking about fantasy football and being single. He didn't make much of an impression at all and didn't seem to know too much about the game, saying he'd rather lose the game and be loved by America than win and be hated.

Megan: She's a fan who wants to stay under the radar, but she snores loudly and has a big, obnoxious laugh. She seems sweet and eager for the experience, whether it's eating Slop or staying on the Wall for a long time.

Ramses: He's a very excitable 21-year-old gay Dominican superfan. He talked very fast and said he'll rely on his social game, being bubbly and fun. He's a bit too trusting, but really wants to win.

Raven: She's a huge fan and a dance teacher from "Arkan-sassy," as she calls it. She's going to try to be quieter than she normally is so she doesn't annoy people. She wants to lay low and pull the puppet strings. She's very upbeat and seems to know what she needs to do in the game.

Big Brother 19 premieres Wednesday, June 28 at 8/7c on CBS.

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