'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Did Caleb Turn on Amber?
'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Did Caleb Turn on Amber?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Caleb's obsession with Amber has been the top storyline of Big Brother 16. But this week, the dream (or nightmare) might be over. And it involved Caleb in a onesie and bunny slippers. A spectacularly complex two days of live feeds came to a boil late Tuesday night.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Hayden won the Power of Veto. He saved Victoria and Amber is the replacement nominee.

There's a lot to cover, including the fallout of Amber's nomination, the moment of truth when Caleb turned against Amber and a possible deterioration in the Detonators.

The Plan to Evict Amber

The goal is to evict Amber. Frankie concocted an overly complicated plan to get Caleb on board. Zach and Derrick helped turn Caleb against Amber so that Caleb would approach Frankie with his own plan to nominate her to scare her back to the Bomb Squad (and Caleb's arms). Frankie agreed that if Amber didn't blow up the Bomb Squad after she was nominated, she would stay, though the plan was always to evict her anyway.

To complete this goal, Frankie and Christine came up with a ruse where Frankie would tell Caleb that Amber told Nicole about the Bomb Squad, thus making him OK with evicting her. What they didn't count on was Caleb talking to Nicole, who was not informed about her role.

Nicole denied that Amber said anything to her, but later, after Frankie coached her a bit on what was happening, they tried to make it sound like Amber's desire for the girls sticking together and taking out the guys is the same thing as blowing up the Bomb Squad (since basically every guy is in it anyway).

The real debate was if and when to tell Caleb that Amber is leaving and how he would react, but that went down on Tuesday night.

Caleb Turns on Amber

On Tuesday night, Zach, Cody, Derrick, Frankie and Caleb (wearing a onesie and bunny slippers) were in the HoH room. Zach started talking about how he wasn't sure if he would keep Amber because she might come after him. He laid the groundwork, and then Frankie pulled the trigger, telling Caleb that Amber has been telling people that she's targeting Caleb because he ruined her game. Cody confirmed the story. That part is actually true, as Amber spent most of Tuesday campaigning for votes by throwing Caleb under the bus.

Caleb was in shock and left the room, quietly storming around the house. Frankie went outside to cover his bases, but Zach, Cody and Derrick stayed in the HoH room and they were positively giddy over this turn of events. They decided that Caleb is 100 percent committed to them (and the original guys of the Bomb Squad). Not only are they going to evict Amber, but they plan on keeping Caleb around for a while.

Derrick went downstairs to get Caleb, who threw his bunny slipper across the living room. He reluctantly came upstairs and the guys pushed hard that they're sorry about Amber's betrayal, and they have his back. Caleb was silent for a long time, and when he broke his silence, it was genius:

"Dude, I ate the pickle," Caleb said.

Yes, Caleb's first thought was about how he ate a pickle to win a date with Amber. The guys really tried to build back Caleb's ego by assuring him that they're with him. Now instead of worrying about Caleb's reaction, they have him in their pocket.

Caleb proceeded to say he's going to "prank" Amber by pouring a pot of cold water on her face and then throwing a bag of flour on her. Thankfully, he was talked out of it. It's hard not to see the obvious misogyny in this whole "bros before hos" campaign going on. Sorry, ladies, but Joey was right back in week 1 and the men are running this game, taking out the ladies one-by-one.

Trouble in the Detonators

Amidst the Caleb and Amber drama, another story has been unfolding. The Detonators are still intact, for now, but there are some big cracks.

On Tuesday afternoon, Hayden, Nicole and Cody were talking in the beehive room, and the seeds of a new, potentially amazing alliance, were planted. Those three want to work together, along with Derrick. And it seems like a potential fifth member of this alliance would be Donny. But this hasn't happened and might never happen.

Hayden, Nicole and Cody appear to be on the same page about Zach, Frankie and Christine. They think Zach is a loose cannon, but good to keep around as a big target. They think Frankie is the biggest threat in the game because he's good at competitions and he's friends with everyone. And they think Christine runs her mouth too much and can't be trusted (thank you, Zach, for helping Nicole see the light on that issue). As an outside observer, I completely agree with this assessment of those players.

The biggest obstacle, however, is Derrick, who doesn't seem completely on board with Nicole and Hayden, worrying that they might rally the Outsiders to turn against the Detonators. This alliance may not happen, but it has started to help detonate the Detonators.

In addition, Cody even went to work on Zach, telling him about Christine's untrustworthiness because Donny told him that Christine told Donny that Zach said he has Donny in his back pocket. Cody even hinted to Zach that he might be wary of Frankie because he's so close to Christine.

Zach even went as far as to tell Cody that "First chance we have to get out Frankie, we are going to do it." But later that night when Zankie was alone in the HoH room, Zach told him about Cody's concerns about Christine and claimed he was on board with going to Final 3 with Frankie and Christine. He also said he'd be willing to slit Derrick and Cody's throats at the Final 5. I now have no idea if either half of Zankie is truly committed to the other.

Will the men stick together? Would Zach really turn on Frankie (before Frankie has a chance to turn on Zach)? There are so many variables on Big Brother 16 right now, and Tuesday night seemed to change everything. Except for Amber getting evicted. That's more solid than ever.

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