'Big Brother 15' Recap: Girls vs. Boys
'Big Brother 15' Recap: Girls vs. Boys
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Big Brother 15 is turning into a gender war. Candice, Helen and Elissa have formed a solid trio whose only goal is to eliminate strong guys because they're scared of them. Meanwhile, the Moving Company, a five-man alliance, wants to take out the girls. The way it's framed, it sounds like Thursday's eviction vote is going to definitively decide which is the superior gender.

Nomination Fallout

Elissa takes being nominated the same way Rachel always did, saying that she's not the problem, Aaryn is. Yes, Aaryn is awful, but Elissa knows exactly what she's doing, acting like a completely innocent victim in all of this. She then begs the Brenchel fans to vote for her, because even she knows that this game is rigged in her favor.

There's also the mounting gender war, spearheaded by Candice. I'm amused that Elissa thinks that when the guys target the girls, it's wrong and misogynistic, but when the women target the men, it's smart. It's nice to see her taking full advantage of double standards. Also, let's not forget that  when her sister, Rachel Reilly, won HoH for the first time in Big Brother 12, she nominated Monet and Britney.

MVP Deja Vu

Rachel Reilly's sister wins MVP for the second week in a row and Elissa acts shocked. She tells Helen and Helen freaks out too. I say this every week, but shut up. No one believes you're shocked, especially since you both assumed this would happen. And the show needs to stop pretending like it's a secret and no one else knows. Everybody in the house knows.

Hopefully Elissa gets evicted this week so this twist can be interesting instead of dull and predictable. What's the point of it being anonymous if everyone knows exactly who it will be every week? Imagine the chaos and excitement of NOT knowing.

They want Jeremy to go up in order to get him out, and if he wins the Power of Veto and saves himself, then Kaitlin will go up. At least that's what they say.

GinaMarie Loves Nick, Howard Loves Jesus

The random segments in this episode are two completely different looks at members of the Moving Company.

First, GinaMarie has "a little crush" on Nick. Well, actually she's full-on in love with him and it makes him feel like a "super pimp" because chicks are all over him in the house. He has zero interest, which is just sad for her.

Second, Elissa and Helen cry about being away from their kids, so Howard prays for them because he is a very religious man. Too bad they didn't show Howard talking to Aaryn and swearing on the Bible that he didn't vote to evict David, even though he did. Because that actually happened. But I suppose it didn't fit the show's narrative of him as the pious hero.

Pre-Veto Deals

Jeremy is revealed as the MVP's third nominee and he's ready for battle. The episode doesn't show that he knew this was going to happen because Elissa and Helen didn't keep it a secret and shared it with several others, including McCrae. Nick and Amanda are also chosen to compete.

Elissa immediately regrets her decision because Jeremy is happy about it and confident that he's going to win the Power of Veto. Jeremy offers an inspiring diary room confessional, warning people to "Guard your meat, cuz I'm coming to eat." I know he's a mean bully, but I find his absurd cockiness quite endearing. He reminds me a little of Sterling Archer.

Elissa makes a deal with Nick for him to throw the Power of Veto competition in exchange for two weeks of guaranteed safety. He reluctantly agrees, though he has no intention of doing it. Not that it matters, because there's no way to conclusively prove that he did or didn't, making this deal utterly meaningless.

Fans of Elissa need to watch this scene to understand how bad she is at this game and how little she understands about basic logic. She threatens Nick that if Jeremy wins the PoV and Nick doesn't throw it, she will put him up. She then tries to say that she's neither confirming nor denying that she's the MVP. Um, yes, she just did. Twice. Also, if Jeremy wins, then whether or not Nick threw the competition is a totally moot point. Do people really think she deserves a special power as the person playing the best game?

The Power of Veto Competition

A very pregnant Britney Haynes introduces a baby-themed challenge. The HGs must get 10 stuffed animals and balance them on a mobile (which GinaMarie pronounces as "mo-bull" instead of "mo-beel").

Elissa is a total failure at the challenge, proving that Rachel Reilly got all of the good genes when it comes to winning. Amanda is close, but in the end, Jeremy wins, making Elissa and Helen very, very sad. Jeremy goes into a truly insane victory rant, sucking the Veto medallion like a pacifier. Honestly, how do you NOT love this mad man?

Now Elissa and Helen need to figure out who to nominate as the replacement, despite the fact that I thought they had already agreed to pick Kaitlin.

The Veto Ceremony

After the PoV, Jeremy and Kaitlin make out to sexy music, frequently being stopped by Kaitlin's paranoia about being nominated.

Jeremy then threatens the entire Moving Company that he's out of the alliance if Elissa doesn't go home. This causes some doubts in their minds about Jeremy.

Candice pushes Elissa to nominate a strong guy, because who run the world? Girls! She doesn't actually say that, but I know it's what's playing in her head every time she speaks.

Elissa is wary about breaking her deal with Nick, so she approaches him to ask if she puts Kaitlin up, would he vote to evict her, and he says "No." In his defense, that wasn't part of the deal.

In the end, Elissa doesn't care about deals, she only cares about who would be the biggest target to go home, Kaitlin or Nick. If she knew about the Moving Company, she'd know Kaitlin is the safer choice. But she doesn't, and Candice has convinced Elissa that men are evil.

Jeremy decides not to use the Power of Veto...on Elissa or Helen. Meh, he's funnier when he's not trying. He does, however, use it on himself and the MVP nominates Nick.

Elissa, Helen and Candice are happy because their Man-Haters alliance can now convince everyone to get rid of Nick. But Nick is confident that the Moving Company will save him. I hope he's right. I really, really, really hope he's right. And not just because, like GinaMarie, I'm hopelessly in love with him.

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