'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Is There a New Super Alliance in the House?
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Is There a New Super Alliance in the House?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Saturday nights are wild on Big Brother 14. One week ago was Wil's birthday bash, complete with multiple make-out sessions and nudity. And this week there was madness of a different type as a new plan was hatched and not one but TWO new super alliance may have been started.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Danielle is the HoH, she nominated Frank and Wil, and then she won the Power of Veto. But while everything seemed set for Frank to go home, now there's very serious talk of using the PoV on Frank (or Wil) and backdooring Janelle.

This germ of an idea started on Saturday when Boogie was talking to Britney. He was spitballing the idea of backdooring Joe, but then tentatively suggested a "curveball" by mentioning backdooring Janelle. At first he was worried Britney was working with Janelle and would tell her, but Britney seemed receptive and told Boogie to pursue it with Danielle.

The Avengers Alliance

Saturday night Boogie presented his big plan to Danielle, Dan, Shane and Britney, all separately. He wanted those four to team up with himself and Frank by saving Frank and nominating Janelle, evicting her this week. Boogie compared this new powerhouse alliance to The Avengers, a group of heroes all with special skills. The idea is that they would be able to dominate all the competitions, take out the weaklings and send home the most dangerous player in the house.

After pitching this idea, Boogie and Frank left so Danielle, Shane, Britney and Dan could discuss it. And they certainly did.

Danielle and Shane seemed VERY into the idea, mostly because they do not trust Janelle at all and think she might even come after them if she wins the next HoH. They also seem to buy Boogie's talk about starting over, forgetting about the past (when Shane backdoored Frank and Danielle was ready to vote him out).

The truth is that Janelle is a dangerous player who has proven she can make it to the end (because everyone will assume the next HoH will deal with her) and that she can't be trusted. Heck, she's essentially playing Rachel Reilly's game from last season. As an added fear, Britney thinks the next HoH will be a quiz (maybe the infamous Knockout competition) and that is perfectly designed for Janelle to win.

So while Danielle and Shane were in love with this new Avengers alliance and Britney could go either way, Dan seemed very, very opposed to it. He's obviously worried about getting rid of a coach because he knows Janelle would always keep him safe, but he didn't want to push too hard because he can't really argue against the fact that Janelle might go after Shane next week.

It seemed like Danielle had finally grown a backbone, telling Shane that Dan would have to accept that the majority of the people in their alliance want to backdoor Janelle, but then she went back on it and said she would only do it if he agreed. And Dan made a hard, hard pitch to keep the nominations the same, claiming that Danielle is making this decision because of emotional, personal reasons and not strategic ones. That's not really the case, but Dan knows that this kind of manipulation works best on Danielle because, no matter how hard she protests, he keeps saying that it's personal.

In the end of the night, it sounds like the revised plan is to use the PoV on Wil and backdoor Janelle. That way they could protect the cover about NOT working with Boogie and Frank but still secure the vote. Shane, Britney, Dan, Ian and Boogie would all vote to evict Janelle, and actually, because of the anti-coach sentiment, I'm guessing a few of the other newbies would do the same..

But if Boogie and Frank don't agree with the idea of not saving him, then the deal is off and they will keep the nominations the same. I really hope this happens, and not just because I hate Janelle this season. This is the best move for Danielle, and after nominating who Dan wanted, I hope she doesn't let him talk her out of doing something she obviously really wants to do for a second time this week.

The Puppy Alliance

As an added wrinkle, Saturday night saw the formation of a SECOND powerful alliance. Shane, Danielle, Dan and Britney decided to let Ian into their group, making him the fifth member of their alliance. At first it was just an idea, but all four grew to really trust Ian throughout Saturday as a loyal friend. They even brought him in on the plan to backdoor Janelle, and he was for it.

The hilarious irony is that, due to the Power of Veto competition, Ian is dressed like a dog and is being led around the house on a leash, so he literally looks like a pet the foursome picked up at the pound and accepted into their family. Who's a good boy? Ian is!

This Saturday lacked the nudity and fun of last weeks Big Brother 14 antics, but game-wise, it was one of the most exciting nights of the season. After two days of moping around because he was forced into the game against his will, Boogie is back in fighting form, pitching a creative and brilliant new idea. Now we just need to hope the cold light of Sunday doesn't undo all of these exciting new alliances.

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