'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Is Janelle's House of Lies Crumbling Down?
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Is Janelle's House of Lies Crumbling Down?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Big Brother 14 fans know that this Thursday there is a good chance that the four coaches will be given the option of entering the game as players. But inside the house, this is still a mystery. Or is it?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

So in case you didn't already know, Shane won the Power of Veto and used it to save Ashley and nominate Frank in hopes of backdooring him. It was a huge flip that brought Shane and Danielle into a Final 5 alliance with Janelle's team.

But that was Monday. After just 24 hours, things have turned a bit chaotic with paranoia running rampant, primarily about the coaches and Janelle's nonstop barrage of lies.

It sounds like the people in the diary room who ask the HG questions have been asking them about what would happen if the coaches entered the game and whether the coaches would want to enter the game if given the option. Since the HGs (especially Janelle) aren't total morons, they've started reading between the lines.

This is one of those dirty little secrets about Big Brother. The producers are constantly saying "You are not allowed you talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests." That's because they know the DR sessions are used as a tool to stir up drama and give people clues about what might be happening. Basically, production is trying to manipulate people to create better TV. For instance, Joe was told to cook that royal breakfast for Shane so they could turn it into a segment for the show, which they did. It looked like he was sucking up, but it wasn't real.

Janelle is 100 percent certain the coaches are coming into the game and she's already talked to Britney and Dan about sticking together. This is also her primary reason for wanting Frank out, because she knows he's a big threat to her if she plays the game.

But Janelle also doesn't want the newbies to know the coaches are coming into the game, because she knows that may give them reason to keep Frank as a player who can help get rid of the coaches. Janelle enjoys telling people about the contract she signed for the show saying she would not be playing the game or going to the jury house. This is a lie, and it's also not allowed. She's constantly being yelled at for talking about production and every time she puts on this fake, cloyingly high-pitched voice saying "Sorry, BB!" She's not sorry.

Well, all of this chaos has resulted in a big potential wrench in Janelle's plans: Wil. Yes, the HG who I thought was more devoted to Janelle than anyone has been spending a lot of time with Frank lately, making Janelle suspect he's flipping sides and that Wil might vote to evict someone from his own team (Joe) to keep Frank. The split seems to have been caused by the fact that Janelle has been extra pushy this week with her players, telling them exactly what to say and what to do, and Wil refused to go along with it. He didn't want to be her fake little puppet, and that made her a little mad.

Janelle expressed her worries about Wil flipping to Britney and suggested spreading overt lies about how Frank wanted to backdoor Wil (and vice versa) to try and put a wedge between those two.

This is Janelle's modus operandi, and it's what HGs like Wil, Danielle and Britney are finally realizing. Janelle lies and she tells other people to make up lies. And the fact that Wil refused to do what Janelle said (sucking up to Shane) has made her angry.

One day ago Britney, Shane and Danielle agreed to work with Janelle to backdoor Frank. But now they're having buyer's remorse, waking up to the notion that Janelle played them, she can't be trusted, her players can't be trusted, and that it's all lies and manipulations. Now it's not just Wil they have to worry about. Britney is weirded out because Frank is super calm while Janelle is freaking out over votes, even though she thought they were all set. And Danielle is considering changing her vote as well since Janelle is so much less trustworthy than Frank. As Britta Perry would say on Community, "DUH-DOY!"

UPDATE (3:30pm PT): Wil was asleep for most of the day, but woke up and immediately got into a conversation with Joe. Wil is basically sick and tried of the coaches, he hates the twist, he hates that they are probably entering the game and he hates that Janelle is trying to tell him what to do. He's finally reached the conclusion many viewers have, which is that he can't trust Janelle because she just wants one of her players to win, so while keeping Joe is obviously best for Joe and Janelle, it's not clear that it's best for Wil. He did tell Joe that he gave Shane his word and he hasn't broken his word once in the game (though that's SLIGHTLY different than guaranteeing that he's sticking with Joe).

If Wil's attitude is any indication, things are going to go off this Thursday. I think a lot of the HGs, under the surface, are truly HATING the coaches being in the house right now, and if/when they play, they will all realize that JoJo was right when she talked about how unfair things were. It's amazing, because I've hated Wil up until this point, but if he truly gets out from under Janelle's thumb and votes to keep Frank, it might be the biggest and best move he could make. At the very least, it would be the kind of move he could point to in the finale as proof he deserves to win.

Will the house turn against Janelle and keep Frank the same way the house kept Frank to spite Willie? Will Janelle's constant lies work and get everyone to do what she wants them to do? Will the newbies get wise to the fact that the coaches know they're coming into the game and therefore can't be trusted at all since they're playing for themselves and not their players?

Those questions and more will hopefully be answered on the Big Brother 14 live feeds over the next two days.

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