'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: PoV Ceremony and a House Divided
'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: PoV Ceremony and a House Divided
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Big Brother 12 has officially begun. Fans of the live feeds received a huge treat last night when a game-changing marathon HoH session set the stage for a divided house. Of course HoH Rachel would be wise to heed the famous warning "Expect the Unexpected" because her entire strategy is built on a shaky house of cards.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.

First, as we already reported, Britney won the Power of Veto. She obvious saved herself and Rachel nominated Matt as the replacement nominee.

In true ungracious fashion, after the nomination when Enzo showed sympathy for Monet saying that he thought Andrew was going to be the nominee, Monet responded by saying "It's personal." I don't really understand how NOT putting up Andrew is a personal attack against Monet so much as a strategic move to ensure she goes home because that's what's best for Rachel's game, but then again I'm not a delusional psychotic.

Anyway, the disappointment and shock over Matt's nomination isn't totally surprising. Two nights ago Rachel was set on using Andrew as the pawn, but last night's epic session changed that. In a meeting with Rachel, Brendon, Kathy, Ragan, Kristen and Hayden, the ins and outs of the entire house were discussed, mostly surrounding the division.

As they see it, they're on one side with Andrew while Enzo, Britney and Monet are on the other side, with Lane and Matt likely to join Monet's side. Rachel initially wanted to put Andrew up as a pawn to get Lane, Enzo and Matt to expose themselves as being aligned with Monet and Britney, but the others, primarily led by Ragan, talked her out of it.

Ragan explained it very logically and became my favorite player with his strategy. Putting up Matt guarantees that Monet goes home. Putting up Andrew could result in him getting evicting, which would be the worst case scenario because it would mean one of the five people in Rachel's room (Brendon, Kathy Raga, Kristen, Hayden) turned on her.

Ironically, no one suspects the one true alliance in the house, the Brigade (Hayden, Matt, Enzo and Lane). However, the next few weeks will be very tricky for them because Enzo and Lane will quickly become targets, and Hayden is right in the middle. Will he stick with the Brigade or will he be forced to turn his back on them to save himself?

The house is officially divided at this point, the only problem is that the Brigade is right in the middle of it. Rachel, Brendon, Kathy, Ragan and Andrew seem pretty tight, and I think Kristen is swaying for them more than Hayden. But with the core of the group suspicious of Enzo, Lane and Matt, they are currently stuck not wanting to be with the other side, but unable to join the big group. This week's HoH is more important than ever.

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