'Big Brother 12' Goes Dark: What's Happening Inside the House?
'Big Brother 12' Goes Dark: What's Happening Inside the House?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Strange things are happening inside the Big Brother 12. Starting Tuesday morning until after Wednesday's show, the live feeds have gone dark, re-airing the feeds from Big Brother After Dark starting with the first night in the house.

This strangeness comes after an unusual Monday where the HGs taped the goodbye messages, took photos and Hayden wrote his HoH blog, all events that typically happen on Wednesday. Even though everyone knows that Hayden won't use the Power of Veto and Britney is going to be evicted, it's also odd that the goodbye messages were filmed before the actual Power of Veto ceremony. In theory, the nominations could still change.

Even stranger, the HGs were on an inside lockdown for most of Monday while production was constructing something in the backyard.

What do all these clues mean? I have a pretty good idea.

Despite claiming that Wednesday will be a live eviction episode, I'm guessing that it isn't and that Britney may already be evicted. This would allow the show to complete the first part of the final HoH competition, typically endurance, today.

Then Wednesday's show will feature the eviction and Thursday's show will feature the endurance HoH competition.

This is all speculation, but it solves one of my main questions about this week. If Big Brother 12 waited until Wednesday to do a live eviction and start the final HoH, the producers would only have one day to turn around a whole episode about the endurance competition. That seems unlikely since the events in the house are usually done at last two days before they air.

If Big Brother 12 wants to do an eviction and start an HoH competition on Wednesday's episode, the only way for them to have an episode about the competition done by Thursday is to do it early. This live feed blackout is the perfect way to solve the problem, even though this would all be confirmed the moment the live feeds returned.

Either way, turning off the live feeds now might mean no one will watch them when they come back. As it stands, the prospect of watching Hayden, Lane and Enzo chat all day about how great their alliance is and how awesome their trip to Steamboat will be is enough to turn even the most diehard Big Brother fans against the live feeds.

What do you think is going on inside the house during the live feed blackout?

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