Big Brother 11: Toodles, 'House Calls'--The Online Chat Show Gets the Boot
Big Brother 11: Toodles, 'House Calls'--The Online Chat Show Gets the Boot
Is it goodbye to House Calls?  Yeah, I'll admit, I don't really watch the daily online chat show that keeps track of whatever's happening in whatever season of Big Brother there is--there's just the problem with time, I'll admit--but I know many go to watch all that speculation and all those revelations thrown at each other, with Gretchen Massey holding the fort and much more.

Now, Massey revealed in her MySpace blog that the online show, which streamed on the CBS website every weekday afternoon the show is on air, has been cancelled.  "They couldn't find a sponsor and have decided not to go forward with it during this season of Big Brother," she explained.  "Sorry to all our fans.  I'll miss you!"

Now that's said, there are some rumors about the future of the show.  Season 8 winner Dick Donato, who also had a successful co-hosting run on the last two seasons of House Calls, is reportedly looking for a sponsor of his own, so he can set up a similar show that will air on the online RealNetworks premium streams.  Two other groups are also reportedly looking to setting up a House Calls-like series that won't require potential viewers to apply (and pay) for those streams.

And then, I'm throwing in the possibility that House Calls will only be gone for this season, provided that the folks at CBS Interactive get their hands on a sponsor in time for a twelfth season, if it happens.  Nevertheless, the economy finally gets in the way, and while some will miss all that grappling, well... I guess we can all still tune in to Big Brother when it finally premieres in roughly seven weeks.  And then we can do all that grappling and arguing, although without access to whoever gets the boot...

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Grapevine
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