'Big Brother 11' Spoilers: Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony Results
'Big Brother 11' Spoilers: Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony Results
Ronnie showed his true colors on Big Brother this week when he nominated Jeff and Laura for eviction, siding with the jocks and turning against one side of the house.  Did the Power of Veto offer him a chance to change his mind and backdoor an unsuspecting houseguest?  Continue reading to find out.

BIG BROTHER 11 SPOILER WARNING: This article contains the Power of Veto ceremony results.

As you may already know, Jeff won the PoV, and at today's ceremony, as expected, he took himself off the block.  The replacement nominee is...Jordan.

I don't know what the mixture of boredom and disgust is, but that's what I feel.  Given the clique twist, it would make sense to go after the most powerful cliques in the house.  Call me crazy, but nominating the two remaining Popular Kids isn't the best strategy.

In spite of first impressions, I've grown to like both of these women.  Laura, especially, seems deceptively smart, picking up on Ronnie's betrayal immediately.  Sadly, being a smart woman in the house is probably a sign of her demise, because Ronnie is being unwittingly manipulated by the idiot jocks of the house.

The main problem is that Ronnie thinks he's a part of the Athlete clique.  The jocks have shown mercy on this tiny dweeb and let him be their towel boy, giving him an inflated sense of power.  The truth is that as soon as Ronnie becomes expendable, Jessie, Russell and Natalie will have no problem dumping him.  Heck, right now they're probably closer with Lydia and Kevin than Ronnie.

Just like in high school, the jocks rule.  But now that they're a bit older and wiser, they've realized they don't need to pick on the nerds and outcasts because they pose no threat.  It's the popular kids who are the real danger, because they're the only ones who can actually overthrow the jocks.

This week on Big Brother, someone who deserves to be in this game will be evicted, and a bunch of self-righteous a-holes and prima donnas will stick around for another week.  I guess I forgot this is Big Brother, so I shouldn't expect anything less.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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