'Big Brother 11' Not Live Due to Chima, Plus Eviction and HoH Spoilers
'Big Brother 11' Not Live Due to Chima, Plus Eviction and HoH Spoilers
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Tonight's Big Brother 11 live eviction episode will be missing one key component: the "live" part.  The eviction ceremony is being pre-taped several hours early because Chima has threatened to cause a "train wreck" on live TV if the mystery power is used and her nominations are undone.

And in other news, a symphony of the world's smallest violins is currently being played.

SPOILER WARNING: This article has the results from tonight's eviction and HoH competitions.

I can respect CBS for making this move because, as Chima has proven, she can explode in crazy tirades with the best of them.  Heck, during the live eviction episode during the first week she laid into Braden with a profanity-riddled rant.  And having a not-live episode is better then listening to muted silence for 15 minutes.

Who I can't respect is Chima.  After her story about being raped by a serial killer, I was so moved that I promised never to mock her again.  Well, congratulations Chima, because in less than a week, you've made me go back on my word.

This isn't the Chima show, and she is not the queen of the world.  The sun does not revolve around her and doves do not bow at her feet.  She's a contestant on a reality show, and sometimes, things don't turn out exactly as you plan.  You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need.  I think Chima is trying to become the new Omarosa.

I can only hope and pray that Chima's threats of intimidation and instability don't make Jeff stay quiet.  In fact, even if he wasn't planning on using it, I hope he whips out the Coop-Dee-Tah, takes both of Chima's nominees off the block, and puts up Jessie and Natalie.

I don't want him to do this because it's makes good strategic sense (it does) and I don't want him to do it to eliminate a serious threat (it will).  Now I just want him to do it to piss Chima off.

The taping is done, and according to the Twitter page for Mortys TV, Jeff used the Coup d'Etat, Jessie and Natalie were put up, and while Russell and Lydia voted to evict Natalie, the other three (Jeff and Chima were both ineligible to vote) evicted Jessie, so he's GONE!

And then, Mortys TV's Twitter page is also reporting that Michele won the night's HoH competition, so the likelihood of Chima and Natalie's retribution is slim.  But we'll see soon.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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